• A sight you never thought you’d see: cowboys in the locker room using laptops to check out their action. At least, that’s what the Booth Boys said they were checking out.
  • JW Hart describing the use of a bull rope, with Chase Outlaw on the dummy. Sitting still. Are you kiddin’ me? It’d be more fun if the thing actually was moving. Chase is not a sittin’ around kind of guy.
  • JW’s interesting factoid: only a small percentage of bulls go to the right.
  • Shorty pointing out the judge at the chute who decides to put someone on the clock, and another judge farther down the arena. Is this in response to a lot of us complaining about anonymous judges, and asking on what they base their decisions? Shouldn’t they be wearing their names on their backs? Or at least a number, so we could look up their names on the PBR website? So far, I’ve found the 2012 and 2011 judges’ names, but not 2013.
  • Hummer explaining the scoring mechanism, taking viewers inside the data truck.
  • Ben Jones is really the only rider worth miking, before and after his rides. His touchdown boogie for his 86.75 ride on Ludacris was more like an extended “Wooo! Yeah!” Boogie Part 2 took place on the Shark Cage. Flint: “Don’t scare me!”

Watching the replay of his ride, Ty Pozzobon had to correct Craig Hummer about which bull Ty rode last night: Prince Albert, not Braveheart. Even with all those facts and stats at his disposal, Hummer still can’t get an A.

Valdiron, Wesley Laurenco, and Fabiano Vieira are back in action; de Oliveira hasn’t been on a bull in 4 months. You’d think that’d be asking for trouble, but instead the guy scored 83.75 on Tynan Tough, the bull named for the little boy who died from leukemia. (Good luck finding the story on the PBR website– the search function can’t handle much.)


  • Nice product placement for Hewlett Packard: the close-up of a judge using an HP electronic scoring pad.
  • However, the 4th score on Reese Cates’s ride took about 5 minutes to come in, after a couple of commercials and Hummer’s walk to the data truck—and it was a high score (86.25). Don’t you get suspicious when there’s such a long lag between the last two scores?  Plenty of time to do interesting math.
  • Luke Snyder faced Cool Hand Luke for the 2nd time (Cody Lambert thinks this is cute, I guess), and it was a miracle ride! Bad exit from the chute—the bull was bumping around, Luke held onto the gate too long, the bull came backing out. The ride was replayed to see if Luke reached for the rope too soon— and he did. But somehow the fact that the clock was supposed to start when the bull broke the plane of the gate offset the fact that Snyder reached for his rope at about 7.83 seconds. See, the bull’s butt came out before his nose. JDub was right: the judges didn’t take a close look at that one. I really wanted Luke to get a good score because of the effort he put out; a lot of guys would’ve given up at that rocky start—but the explanation didn’t make sense. But it’s his home state, and we all know how much the PBR loves that storyline. They always try to make it possible for a guy to “win” in his home state. Of course Luke got a score. A big one: 88 points. What a surprise—Snyder wins Round 2 in his home state.

This may be the first time I’ve heard the judges’s names announced. We knew Jeff Shearer’s a judge (he’s a fixture), and we heard Lane Foltyn, and who else? The names whipped by too fast, but since Allan Jordan and Dean Randolph were judges in 2011 and 2012, I’d say they’re in there, which leaves just one more. I’m thinking Ryan Byrne?


  • The irrepressible Jory Markiss, stewing after Johnny Rocker emphatically plunked him on the ground. “Rrr! That was a good one, too,” he said to himself.
  • Alves’ ride on The Game Changer was excellent!. That dust cloud special effect was impressive, too. 87.75! Wow, they’re not hating him yet. Love him whooping his way back to the fence to slap his friends five.

Cool: Paige Stout, an 18-year-old stock contractor, brought 5 bulls to this event. (Shocking! Craig didn’t say “female stock contractor”!) She’s been working with bulls since she was 10, and graduated high school a year early so she could go to college. Now that’s being motivated. This is her first time at a BFTS event, I assume.

Not cool: Of course they immediately peg her to Mesa Pate. Gee, how imaginative. Just when you think the PBR is making progress, they show that they still don’t get it. Why immediately ask her about the one female contractor? It would’ve been more of a nod to her if they ignored gender and focused on relevant facts: being a new face in the business, bringing new bulls to the event, being passionate about this career since age 10, etc. You know: talk about the bulls. For example, Slingin’ Six dumped Douglas Duncan last night. She gave a polite answer, though: While she appreciates Mesa paving the way, she doesn’t think of herself as the next Mesa Pate; she wants to be the first Paige Stout.  

Here’s an analogy to help people get it: If a new stock contractor happened to be Irish, would they automatically compare the contractor to the other Irish contractors on the tour? Or would they talk about the new bulls?

Brendon Clark’s rosin includes saddle soap and Neutrogena. Ben Jones uses a little Listerine and oil in his because, “It gets sticky, and that way you ride like a Brazilian rides.” JW Hart said about Chase Outlaw’s rosin: “He can’t hardly open his hand without the help of his other hand.”


  • That friggin’ annoying split screen, showing a judge putting in a bull score, while Renato Nunes was riding Carney Man (for 84.50). Renato was pretty subdued in his post-ride interview; he mentioned his shoulder bothering him.
  • Hummer stressing how the Brazilians s work together “as a team.” There are no teams in bull riding, dufus. There haven’t been since the Americans and Brazilians faced off in Brazil—which was a great event to watch, and I wish they’d do it again.

Western Hauler: Excellent, frisky bull, marbled black and grey with little white specks. Porcupine Puncher: 0 for 13

“Proctor is going to try to land a few shots before the bull pulls a few punches of his own.” Did I hear that right, Hummer? Pulling punches means you DON’T hit the guy.

Guilherme Marchi is claustrophobic in the chute??

Oh, for god’s sake—the Clash of the Cowboys woman has her shirt unbuttoned two more inches than would be normal, with her cleavage pushed up so that when the camera gets closer, all the slobs can get a look-see. Clearly she was instructed to show her breasts. It’s moments like this that make me feel sick about this sport and the pigs who think showing women’s bodies must be part of it.

5-Hour Energy, featuring a woman whose accomplishments for the last 5 hours are doing housework and putting a Band-aid on a kid. Sad, sad, sad that the idiot ad agency doesn’t know that most women now work outside the home (and inside). They couldn’t come up with an ad that shows a woman going though a crazy day at work, then taking a class, doing errands, and doing half the parenting. If this ad is their idea of trying to extend the 5-hour Energy Drink consumer base to include females, they are WAAAY off base.

Hummer to Ty Pozzobon: “In terms of consistency, we had a chance a few minutes ago, as you know, to talk a lot about your riding.” Here’s where Craig loses the plot. Pozzobon probably remembers that you just talked with him, but you’re thinking the audience missed it. If that were true, the thing to do would be to address the camera and say, ”Just a little while ago, Ty talked with me about his riding,” then talk to Pozzobon. Ya gotta remember what you’re doing and who you’re talking to, dude.


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6 Responses to ST. LOUIS, 2-16-13 PURE PBR

  1. S. says:

    I recall them talking before about how Guilherme is really claustrophobic about taping his hand in his glove. Of all the things for a bull rider to be scared of, that seems like an odd one, but we all have our quirks, I guess.

    I seem to recall some cracks on the LEC about how all the cowboys and guys behind the chute just suddenly would show up to help Paige Stout. She seemed pretty competent to me, guys.


    • I guess he’s claustrophic about wearing a helmet, too!

      I feel for Paige! It’s awful to be the only female in a pack of males, especially when most of their motivation is about her looks. I’m sure she knows how to pull a rope, deal with a flank strap, get a bull’s head straight, and everything else the guys can do. It’s insulting that they think she needs help– and I’m sure I’ll get yelled at by people who think the guys are “just being gentlemen.” If she was ugly, most of them probably would be a lot less enthusiastic.


  2. saraht says:

    Lol! Susan Hanaran posted a photo of “Chicken Off the Chain.” on her Snotitude blog. He is owned by Southern Legend Cattle Company and of course is the son of our favorite, Chicken On a Chain. Very clever!


  3. saraht says:

    Great review as always! Sadly I can’t take credit for “Tynan Tough.” It’s a great bull name and he is certainly living up to his reputation. My contributions to Jeff Robinson’s name-the-bull contest were not as inspirational: Flearoy, Victorious Secret, Super Callous, Mad, Sadistic, Sexy & Atrocious…… Any bulls I name would have to have a good sense of humor. Personally, If I owned a bull his name would be Ferdinand. He would send the cowboys flying to the other end of the arena, but in his off-time he’d sit quietly under the cork tree and smell the flowers. 🙂


    • Oops! My mistake. I fixed it. You always have such creative names for bulls. I wonder why no one’s come up with Bully? Or Bully For You? Bullicious? Uh-oh–somebody stop me! Of course, maybe someone has, but that info didn’t make it onto the website’s list of bulls. Hey, Susan– how about it?


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