Female bull riding fans (and your S.O.s): weigh in on this!

I don’t know where the hell my notes about Kansas City went, but since I saw only the last half of the 15/15 Bucking Battle, it’s hardly worth looking for them. I spent most of the weekend having a good ol’ time with college buddies, including two guys I hadn’t seen since the ‘70s. Stayed up til 5:30 in the morning without the aid of um, our traditional substances, other than carbs (and wine), talking about philosophy, politics, life, what happened to us since graduation— you know, that stuff we think we have control over.

Shocker: three of us (yours truly, real estate lawyer Mark, and IT hotshot Tom in D.C.) are bull riding fans. It turns out Tom and I were at the Madison Square Garden event but didn’t know Mark was there (and vice versa). And I made bud #3 (Supreme Court judge who has to remain nameless) watch the Bucking Battle.

The PBR marketing people might wanna pay attention to this: Mark and Tom were introduced to bull riding by their wives. They buy expensive chute-side seats, and one couple sometimes goes to the Finals. So for the thousandth time, let me reiterate: cultivate the female fans. Not only are we putting money in the PBR’s pockets, but we also are delivering male fans. Male fans with money. And, obviously, brains. Why don’t you show us you’ve got some? (Brains, that is; we already know about the money.)

Hey, all you female bull riding fans: weigh in on this! How many of you have introduced your Significant Others to bull riding? How much would you say you’ve spent on bull riding each year? And how is the PBR treating you? Lemme hear it!


About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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2 Responses to Female bull riding fans (and your S.O.s): weigh in on this!

  1. Lauryn says:

    Introduced my husband to PBR in 2008, and we’ve been to multiple events as well as the Finals every year (except one) since then!!


  2. Used to be a fan says:

    My husband goes because of me. He is always asking me “who is ahead” after I watch the LEC. Too bad, many times I have fallen asleep before the end of the event. I then have to check it out on the web site.


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