Pro Roughstock Series

Don’t want to ruin your eyes watching the PBR’s Live Event Center? Missing Justin McKee? Try this for a change of pace:

May 3 | 10:00 pm
“Pro Roughstock 101”

“PRS Host Justin McKee and guests introduce you to the concept of the new Pro Roughstock Series (PRS) taking you behind the chutes to meet the riders and stock contractors of this bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding sports series.”


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5 Responses to Pro Roughstock Series

  1. saraht says:

    I just tried judging some bulls on the Probullstats website. Thanks Esther for posting the link! While I am usually within a half a point of the total score (Rider & bull)…judging only the bull is a whole other story! Probullstats posted a tutorial on their Facebook page explaining how the judging works on their site. (I was confused about the scoring and they were kind enough to reply) Those that haven’t tried it should go to the website and “judge for yourself!”


  2. I watched the PRS premiere the other day on RFD-TV and loved it! I was so happy to see Justin McKee back on TV! Such a great guy that deserves the spotlight! I’v also had a lot of the PRS guy’s on RodeoChat as well.


  3. esther says:

    Did you see this on Probullstats facebook page? Fun!
    Need practice judging bulls? Think you’re better than the Pros? Sharpen your pencil, and get to work here:


  4. Tom Mauceri says:

    Is it just me, or is the sound management on the broadcasts getting worker and worker each week? We end up turning off the sound and playing music behind the visuals. The combat between the arena sounds and the broadcast voices is amateurish and annoying! It reminds me of the days in SF when the Grateful Dead dropped acid and then put on headsets with an 8 second delay as they performed before an audience. This doesn’t happen in football or basketball or hockey or even WWF. It may happen in baseball, but nobody cares….

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    • It’s not just you. This is from Shorty Gorham’s Twitter feed:

      Shorty Gorham ‏@ShortyGorham 1 May
      Ear Dr informed me I’ll be deaf by 60 if I don’t do something now. Hearing aids on order & ear plugs in arena. Protect your hearing kids!


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