You think I was mad before? This is what sent me through the roof while I watched The Last Cowboy Standing:

If you’ve read this blog, or you’re one of the PBR headquarters staff who opened mail or pulled incoming faxes off the machine a few years ago, or if you’re the sports editor of The New York Times, you know that for years I’ve been saying “Bull Riders Are the New Rock Stars.”©

In several written communications with PBR executives past and present, I talked about the marketing opportunities of hooking into rock & roll, and I gave very specific ideas about linking bull riding with rock.

But this takes the cake. Here’s some of what I said in my June 2010 fax to PBR execs:

“As a New York-based marketing/management rock & roll business veteran and long-time bull riding fan, I see so many parallels between the rock business and what’s happening with the PBR, I could talk anyone’s ear off…The PBR hasn’t yet tapped into the rock world on a major level…I’d like to talk with you and yours about what I have to offer. I didn’t go into too much detail here, because I know what can happen when I give away my ideas. (Three words: Kiss comic books.)” I also said, The bulls are rock stars, too, in their own way: many are named after rock stars and songs.”

Editorial Note: Yes, I worked in Kiss’s management office (the old management, not the “Deadbeat Dad” one) for a short while in 1976, and told the #2 guy my idea; I was young and naive, and thought I was being a team player. Instead, I was fired, and in July 1977, voilà! Kiss comic books. Google my name and Kiss, and see what comes up at the top of the Google rankings; even a year later, I was still in touch with them.

So golly gee willikers, who’s the rock band the PBR chooses to hook up with, even having bulls named after the band, with visuals of the bulls’ faces painted like the band’s? KISS. Coincidence? NOT THIS TIME!


And you know what? I’m not going to play nice anymore. In the past I refrained from reporting on the in-person, phone, and/or email discussions I had with any PBR executives, but now I’m naming names, and they’d better not pretend they were in negotiations with Kiss since 2009. These are the people I sent my communications to, even if they deny receiving them (I always keep copies):

Jack Carnefix, Senior Manager of Public Relations (also spoke in person at Mohegan Sun in 2010, on the phone in 2011, and in emails)
Kevin Camper, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at the time
Jeffrey Pollack, Executive Chairman at the time
M. Dockery Clark, Chief Marketing Officer at the time

Oh, yeah— and then there was the 2011 marketing panel in New York, in which I magically was invited to participate.

I’m sure the PBR would swear up and down that they come up with all their own ideas, they never saw any faxes or letters, and they’ve never read my blog. Yeah, I’m sure that out of the 39,819 visitors to my blog (so far), not one of them was a PBR executive. Not the one who emailed me asking for an “off the record” conversation, and then later bailed. And certainly not the one who called to yell at me for criticizing some of the PBR’s post-Randy moves, such as dumping Justin McKee. (If he tries that again, I will rip his head off, instead of being a perfect professional and responding to his gangsta diatribe with a thoughtful, polite email—which, true to PBR style, was never acknowledged. Hey, maybe someday I should post that.)

And IMHO (or not so “H”), they owe me a lot of money.

I also want extra money for not cussing in this post, because I sure did before I wrote it.


About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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