To help him get through the financial challenges of the year ahead, two of Roy’s sisters-in-law have set up an “Aaron Roy Benefit Auction” group on Facebook. The Aaron Roy Benefit Auction was created on Facebook for people to post and bid on items.

Donations can also be made to Aaron Roy Trust Fund, c/o Tegan Douglas, Box 347, Yellowgrass, SK, CANADA S0G 5J0.

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7 Responses to HELPING AARON ROY

  1. Steven Hamberg says:

    I am a video producer at US Dept. of Health & Human Services. Do educational segments on Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” like this one:

    Bull Riders are exactly kind of people (denied for pre-existing conditions) who ACA helps. Is it perfect, no, but better than what we had. Please email me, like to touch base.

    Thank you.



  2. esther says:

    Maybe Obamacare will help the riders, but probably not, will just have to wait and see. The riders and other competitors in all bullriding/rodeo events unionizing might be one way to go. The PBR, CBR, PRCA and other rodeo organizations putting aside their differences and forming an association to obtain insurance might be another. The idea being the bigger the organization the better the rates. Although I unsure what Obamacare will do as far as group insurance is concerned. I do know my own insurance, through a large employer, is going up next year.


    • I’ve floated to an industry insider that idea of organizations banding together, but it would take a lot of persuasion and some cold hard financial facts to get everyone to put aside their personal differences and organizational policies. We’ve all seen how the PBR operates; I can’t see them wanting to associate themselves with smaller organizations for the good of the whole. I think that even without the PBR’s participation, if the other professional organizations and even unaffiliated riders would work together, they’d be able to get good insurance through the health insurance marketplace that’s due to start this fall.

      This is off-topic, but now that you bring it up:
      Large employers will always raise employees’ insurance rates, even though none of those people are bull riders. 🙂 They buy their policies from giants like UnitedHealthcare, which posts an obscene profit every year, and passes down to the consumer any increase in their costs, so their shareholders and overpaid executives never lose a dime. And when I say overpaid, I mean WAY overpaid. I did the research: IN 1996, a few of their top execs earned EIGHT-figure salaries. The next tier of execs earned 7-figure salaries. The third tier had 6-figure salaries. Can you imagine what they’re making in 2013??

      Even my individual policy for the self-employed, which is part of a so-called low-cost state program, raises its rates every year– with approval from the State Insurance Department– in increments of about 12%; last year they asked for a 45% increase (can you beat that for gall?), and were granted a 20% increase. I doubt that everyone who has this insurance has had a 20% jump in salary to cover it!

      I for one can’t wait for insurance companies to have some competition. I bet I’ll be able to find a better policy for the same rate I pay, or even less. I hope the riders and their organizations pay attention to this opportunity and take advantage of it by banding together and buying group insurance. They need health insurance– they’re too young for Medicare!


      • esther says:

        My idea of an association of the different bullriding/rodeo organization came from remembering when, years ago, I worked for a small business that got health insurance for us by belonging to an association of small businesses that then got group rates from an insurance company. I don’t know the details involved in that or how much things have changed since then. I do hope the health insurance marketplace will help the riders. My insurance premium is going up from appox. $100/mo to $300/mo and, no-the employer’s share is not changing, just the employee’s portion is going up. It is a policy with quite a few restrictions and I hope the increase means less restrictions but won’t know until open-enrollment next month.


  3. Amen! The riders need more power over their own lives. If they unionized, they’d have enough clout to get insurance and some changes in their working conditions. There must be an insurance company that would cover them– maybe whichever one covers NASCAR drivers. The PBR probably would do everything in its power to keep that from happening, though, and a lot of riders, especially non-U.S. nationals, would be too afraid of retribution. It would take another 20 (brave) men meeting in a hotel room and putting their money on the table to start a union.


  4. Trying to be a fan says:

    Once agin, a bull rider is seriously injured. There is no union for the riders. There is no insurance for the riders. They have to rely on charity to pay for their medical bills. Too sad. The higher ups make all the money while the riders have no health benefits. Time to unionize riders!


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