Air Bull Riding

Sure, air bull riding is stupid and nobody’s good at it (I’m amazed at how many people don’t break at the hips), but you gotta see this:
Jory Markiss has got some moves! (I seriously doubt he’d be grabbing at his hat if he were doing the real thing, though.) Love him!


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9 Responses to Air Bull Riding

  1. esther says:

    Apparently air bull riding has been around for some time. Do a search on youtube for ‘air bull riding’ and you’ll find videos going back to 2009. They are in a foreign language, German I believe, and are pretty funny. I love that some include the buck off.

    As for the sexiest cowboy, it is a contest to select a cowboy to be on the cover of Nicolas Sparks’ new book ‘The Longest Ride’ which is about an American cowboy.
    Link to article:


    • Now that I have to see! I wonder if they have air judges to score the rides, or if anyone tries to hook his spurs into the knots.

      I knew about that guy’s book, but I can’t imagine reading it. One of my BullSisters passed along a romance novel to me that included a bull rider– I laughed and cringed my way through it. No wonder I don’t read those things! They’ll probably have the cover boy take off his shirt. If it’s one of the little guys, I don’t think it’ll sell as many copies as it would with Marchi or Aaron Roy on the cover. I should hold my own contest, but it’s just too too embarrassing to even think about it.


  2. Trying to be a fan says:

    It looks kid of vulgar to me. Looks like they are grabbing and holding on to their package. Just watched the LEC today and yesterday and they have fans stand up and make fools of themselves. One guy this afternoon was riding the handrail. Interesting, they have yet had a female air ride a bull. They have to save them for the Monster girls at the beginning of the event.
    One was even (the blonde) chomping on gum while standing half naked behind the announcers. And what is this sexiest cowboy thing? All Americans. Several I have never heard of before. What about Adriano or Marchi? How about Silvano? Not a big JB fan but I was surprised that he was not on the list. Your thoughts.


    • Well, some fans are always willing to make fools of themselves– like with the Kiss Cam, and the Stanley Stud Finder bad dancing. The first time I saw the air bull riding thing was last weekend; a few women were trying, and they truly stunk at it. With the riders, if you watch them when they’re on bulls, then subtract the bulls and just watch what the guys are doing, a lot of them practically sit on their riding hands, especially some of the Brazilians. What’s pretty funny to me is that without a bull under them, they can’t remember what to do.

      I don’t watch the LEC, so (thankfully) I don’t get a big dose of the Bimbo Brigade– though it was a bit disturbing to see one of the blondes high-five Guilherme on his way to the Shark Cage.
      I haven’t checked out that “Sexiest Cowboy” thing, but if there are no Brazilians in the running, those PBR fools must be blind. I’m gonna put Marchi in as a write-in!


      • S. says:

        Here’s the list of “selected” cowboys (no indication of who “selected” them or how):
        Brant Atwood (Decatur, Texas)
        Reese Cates (El Dorado, Ark.)
        Brendon Clark (Morpeth, Australia)
        Ross Coleman (Molalla, Ore.)
        Douglas Duncan (Alvin, Texas)
        Stetson Lawrence (Trenton, N.D.)
        Markus Mariluch (Elko, Nev.)
        Jory Markiss (Missoula, Mont.)
        Pistol Robinson (Burleson, Texas)
        Luke Snyder (Raymore, Mo.)
        Mike White (De Kalb, Texas)
        Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.)

        Let’s just say that apparently they must have let Clint Adkins and Brandon Bates choose this list, because I agree with it about as much as I agree with their selection for Stud of the Night most of the time. I can only hope some of the guys were asked and turned them down (because honestly, the whole thing sounds pretty cringeworthy).

        Also, what does an American look like? If Brendon Clark can be in there, I don’t know why anybody from any other country couldn’t.


      • Yeah, that Stud of the Night thing clearly is broken! They really ought to point it at the bulls; most of them can move a lot better than those guys who win!

        Looks like the “finalists” (where was the semi-final round?) were chosen politically: one from each state, and I think (not sure) half of them are single. Brendon Clark is the honorary American. The glaring omission of anyone from Brazil is SO offensive.


      • S. says:

        I honestly don’t even know what some of the newer guys look like, let alone if they are “sexy.” And I’m guessing newer fans have no idea what Ross Coleman or Mike White look like (well, I guess they trot him out as the pickup guy sometimes).

        No one from Brazil is completely awful. Also awful is the sneaking suspicion that this is their idea of appealing to the female fans– schlocky romance novel tie-ins with voting on “sexy” cowboys? Hoooooo-rah.


      • Oh, you betcha this is their idea of attracting female fans, because of course the reason we watch bullriding is to ogle cowboys. (Almost as good an idea as their stupid perfume.) They even stole the idea (what a surprise): for one of the Texas events, some newspaper in Dallas had a little contest about who was the cutest cowboy. Four or five women responded.

        The PBR still doesn’t get it. Some education wouldn’t go amiss.


      • S. says:

        They showed some of the “Sexiest Cowboy” photoshoot on the screens during the Oakland event last night, and it was just as cringeworthy as you could possibly imagine.


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