The event started nearly an hour late because of beach volleyball—huh?? What the bleep is wrong with CBSSports and the PBR that they don’t know this is going to happen? If you’re going to start at 9pm, then don’t say 8pm on your website. And if beach volleyball goes into overtime, too bad; shut it down— it’s time for bullriding!

Oh, fooey, Justin McBride is the co-host. Babble babble babble.
Where are the freakin’ subtitles so we know before the ride who the bull is?


  • Valdiron de Oliveira finally got one under his belt, in fine form, too: 85.75 on Norris.
  • In Round 1 last night, Renato Nunes finally broke his slump, riding wildly, like his old self. But the back flip was rusty! Tonight, he scored 85.50 on Old School, and this back flip was better. When he knew he had the ride knocked out, he threw a look at Marchi over at the fence. Leah asked Renato about that. “I have a good time, I say, look guys, I ride one!” and he flashed a big goofy “nyah nyah” grin. He’s really come out of his shell recently. 🙂
  • Marco Eguchi rode Jack Wagon for 82.50. (Alves was 82 on Jack Wagon. That’s English for 86, probably.)
  • Silvano is now up to a 79% riding percentage. His last match with Black Tie Affair, Paige Stout’s bull, was worth 86.50. This time he was scored 82.25. Must be the bull’s fault—he traveled a lot. Then he scored 88.50 on King Lopez! OMG, did the judges forget his name for a moment?
  • Marchi’s trip on Big Bopper was replayed, but yes, he did still have his rope at 8 seconds, and the score was 86.50.
  • According to The Bummer, Silvano Alves said last week that when the Brazilian riders come back up to the States, it takes a while for them to get used to American bulls again, because they’re faster. “Meanwhile, the Killer Bs are swarming,” Hummer said. Yup—tonight they’re all over the leaderboard: 4 out of the event’s top 5 are Brazilians (#5 is JB), and in the world standings, 5 Brazilians are in the top 10. 

  • Speckled Ivory took care of Emilio Resende, who’s now a depressing 1 for 15.
  • Fabiano Vieira is still out with that groin injury.
  • Eduardo Aparecido is now #4 in the world, but Dirty Deals, a great Paige Stout bull, used the trick of flinging himself from side to side in the air as he traveled sideways, and bye-bye Eduardo. By next year, that bull is gonna be scary!
  • João Ricardo Vieira got stung with a skimpy 84.25 for his controlled ride on Double Clutch. He also added a 16th buckoff to Asteroid’s streak.

    You can vote for the PBR’s “sexiest cowboy” by going to “The Longest Ride” on the PBR website. Whoever wins will end up on the cover of some new romance novel. I have no idea who picked the 12 “finalists,” but they clearly need glasses. Guilherme Marchi not on the list!? For that matter, not one Brazilian. Now THAT is by no stretch of the imagination an “accident.” They should just change the name of the contest to “Sexiest American-Canadian-Australian Cowboy.” We should start a write-in vote.

    I coulda sworn Ben was about to fly off Paige Stout’s bull, What Up Sucka? He made amazing corrections for his 87.25, then had one of his bad landings, took a hit from the bull’s head while he was on the ground, then was on his knees. I coulda sworn he’d pass out, because he could barely crawl, but nobody went to pick him up. He insisted on doing the dance! Didn’t even want Sports Medicine to guide him by the elbow—shrugged off the doc on his way out. Newest health issue: anemia, so he’s taking iron pills. I did notice that his face had better color lately; I thought maybe he went to the beach. Oh dear, now I can’t get the image of Ben Jones in a bathing suit out of my head. Yipes.


  • Jory Markiss musta borrowed Ty Murray’s OpArt hat—it’s a dazzler. I mean, it hurts your eyes.  RFD HD is 3 for 25, so I didn’t have much hope for Jory, but I love that he smiles when a bull beats him fair and square. THAT is a winning attitude. The closest he’s ever gotten to being aggravated at a bull is when he used to throw his mouthguard at them. PFF. Great quote: “There ain’t a bull that can’t be rode or a cowboy that can’t be throwed.” Markiss is also the only guy brave enough to say (in public) that the JB-Bushwacker trip wasn’t the best he’d seen.
  • Kent Cox says Bushwacker’s gonna be mad tonight; he knows JB was on his back way too long. Kent told JB last week he was nervous because, “There’s only so many chances we can give you before you’re gonna ride him.” He said he knew the bull’s buckoff streak was about to end because, “JB had the eye of the tiger that night.” I know the exact moment he was talking about: for a moment the camera was on Mauney while he was pointing the baby-blues at the sky, totally in the zone. Hummer took it one step further, doing that that weird bull-channeling thing he does: “Bushwacker wants to get his revenge on JB Mauney.” I mean, really—who knows the Big Boy better than Kent?
  • Bushwacker was rated 46.60. Oh great; now because the bull’s been ridden, they’re going to give him lower scores? McBride thinks the bull didn’t do anything different from what he did last weekend. Did he not see the video? This time the bull did one of his huge head-down, shoulders-high-up, hind-legs-in-the-air jumps that I didn’t see in last weekend’s trip. Bushwacker was playing it safe last time.
    When I see a bull lurch under Guilherme Marchi in the chute, my stomach lurches—the best face in the PBR, and he doesn’t wear a helmet!! Of course they put him on the clock, even while the bull was bucking in there. After Party is FAST, but Marchi beat him, for 89.50.  Hummer said the person cheering the loudest for Marchi was Alves. Nice! Great save by Jesse Byrne as Marchi was on his back near the chute with the bull coming at him. Jesse leaped over Guilherme right in front of the bull, but even so, Marchi was under the flying bull for a bit.

    Back from his practice pen injury, Kody Lostroh scored 87.75 on rambunctious TK 500, who tried to gore the front of the chute. Smooth move on Kody’s part as the bull changed direction. Then he outclassed I’m A Gangster Too, for 91.50: a great ride, on an intense bull. After Lostroh rode and was already up on the rail, the bull lunged for him; Gangster was pissed.  Somebody needs to make Kody a tee shirt that says, “Textbook.”

    Luke Snyder has had 916 outs, the most in BFTS history, if I heard right. Top Gun traveled, though, and Luke came up short. “He’s got a little age on him, that’s part of why he’s retiring,” said McBride, ever ready to insert foot in mouth.


  • In the draft, JB knew he was cornered; he had to pick Bushwacker, even if he knew he wasn’t going to ride him. And I think he knew. Hummer made a funny: “Watching JB on Bushwacker two times in a row is like your parents taking you out for ice cream on back-to-back nights.” Mauney’s take on this buckoff: “I think I made him mad.”
  •  “If you’re not doin’ things right in your life, it’s gonna show up in your riding,” said the living example: his slump and the endless list of boo-boos coincided with the mess he made in his private life. Obviously, things are better now.  His wife Lexie even referred to “when he had Bella.”

    “Even when he gets bucked off he makes it spectacular.” –Justin McBride. Uh, Justin, it’s the bulls that make a buckoff look spectacular. I doubt Mauney planned a few bounces off Bushwacker’s skull and a 12-foot flight off his back in that clip we keep seeing on every broadcast.
    In Randy Bernard’s cameo appearance, he talked about JB as “the rock star of our sport.”

    “We always describe Stormy Wing as—“ Guess what the rest of that sentence is? Have we heard this b.s. enough yet? The very next sentence that comes out of The Bummer’s mouth is about how Stormy has a lot of 7-plus second rides. Those two statements don’t connect, genius!! There are plenty of guys who make 7-plus second rides. A homerun hitter hits home runs. JB is someone who swings for the fences. Stormy Wing, no offense, is not in that league! If he’s making 7-plus second rides, that’s called bullriding interruptus. In his desperation to hang a tag on every rider, Hummer is sticking to his story no matter what Wing does or doesn’t do.

    Austin Meieir is now 3 for 19. Whaaa? Even riding in the summer PRCA tour didn’t help; his riding percentage was about 45%, though he did win in Jacksonville, Texas. I don’t blame him for sitting on the ground looking bummed, but as we’ve heard repeatedly from the veterans, “You ride yourself into a slump, you ride your way out of it.” If he could just figure out what he’s doing wrong…

    Brant Atwood is impressing me, maybe because he sometimes shows that wild Hail Mary style of Renato’s. This time, his reride on Prince Albert was worth 87.50—but it took place during an attack of Hummerblather, so he didn’t get much notice.

    Poker Face is 0 for 37—that’s a 100% buckoff rate—so where’s the hoopla?

    Liked the cool footage of Douglas Duncan, Jory Markiss, and Ross Coleman (or am I missing somebody?) wakeboarding. Bull riders are more versatile than you think!
    “I never felt more like a mouse in my life.” —An unhappy Brendon Clark, reminiscing  about digging through a haystack looking for the key to an F-150.

    By Mike Lee, of all people: his stylish light blue face cage is attached to a darker blue helmet.

    Big Tex “Rocks” dumped Billy Robinson, then chased him, head down, while the bullfighters buzzed around him. To avoid them, the bull launched himself through the air like a hurdle jumper! Pretty amazing.

    Marchi wins the event! JB ended up at #7, because he picked Bushwacker. Sometimes the swagger doesn’t translate into points.
    Guilherme has learned so much English, I understood almost everything he said!

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    9 Responses to NASHVILLE HIGHLIGHTS: Aug. 25

    1. pearl says:

      I can’t believe you are making the Sexiest Cowboy contest a race issue. The contest is to select a cowboy to be on the cover of a book representing a cowboy named Luke Collins, sounds pretty Caucasian to me. They are making this book into a movie; will you be upset with the producers when they cast a Caucasian actor in the role? I think not. If the character had a Latin sounding name, say Juan Medina, and our choice was to pick from a list of Brazilian riders, would you be upset and call racism because no Caucasian riders were on the list? I think not.

      No matter what you think of Nicholas Sparks as an author, he is hugely popular. His books, and the movies made from them, have done extremely well. This is a good thing for the PBR and bull riding in general, as it will expose millions of people to bull riding, just as Ty Murray did on DWTS. Let’s be happy for the exposure.


      • And I can’t believe anyone thinks no Brazilians should be in the “sexiest cowboy” running. Also:
        1) The name Luke Collins could belong to a black man or a Native American. Why do you think it’s Caucasian?
        2) The name Juan Medina is Hispanic, so it would not be on a list of Brazilian riders. Brazilians are not Hispanics. ABout 1% of their population speaks Spanish. 99% speak Portuguese.
        3) If a list of only Brazilian riders was presented for “sexiest cowboy,” I’d wonder why the heck no PBR Americans, Canadians, or Australians were on the list, because clearly there are plenty of good-looking riders from those countries. I’m all about FAIRNESS.

        I don’t think anything about Nicholas Sparks because I don’t know him or his books. If they were romance novels, I wouldn’t read them, because I don’t like romance novels.

        Ironically, he and his wife have the Nicholas Sparks Foundation which, according to his website, is “committed to improving cultural and international understanding through global education experiences for students of all ages.”
        Seems like we could use some of that right here.


        • S. says:

          The name “Luke Collins” could belong to anyone of any race, and while I presume the character is American, what does an American look like? To assume American = white is troubling at best.

          The under-representation of non-Caucasians in Hollywood and how white people not being put up for “ethnic” roles it isn’t equivalent in the slightest is a whole other thing I don’t even want to try to address here. But the apparent exclusion of a large percentage of the PBR riders from this contest leads me to also posit that the people who made this into a “race issue” would be whoever selected the list, not those of us noticing its shortcomings.

          From the spot making fun of Valdiron’s accent to various other examples, the PBR doesn’t exactly have a spotless record on these issues. There is certainly room for improvement.


        • pearl says:

          You are correct that the name Luke Collins could be black or Native American. However my understanding is all Nicolas Sparks’ characters are white, so perhaps that is what tainted my conclusion.

          True the name Juan Medina is Hispanic and Brazilians are not Hispanic. But both Hispanics and Brazilians are considered Latino (from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central and South America). That is why I think a Brazilian would more likely be chosen to represent a Hispanic character.

          What term – Hispanic, Latino, neither – to use is confusing and not totally agreed upon. It seems to be a personal preference.

          The problem with the contest is with the title. It should be – Best Cowboy to Represent the Luke Collins Character in Nicolas Sparks’ Book ‘The Last Ride’. That’s a little unwieldy, but more accurate. I feel the PBR has been trying to make this clear in their promotion of the contest.

          I’ve only read one of Nicolas Sparks’ books and that was back in 2003 when I belonged to a book club. A good book for a light read, but not my preference. A lot of people seem to love him though.


        • Sounds like Sparks’ work could use some colorization. If it’s set in the South, West, Midwest, Southwest, or Southeast, it’s pretty amazing that nobody of Indian or Mexican origin shows up.

          This is way off-topic, but—
          Brazilians don’t consider themselves Latino. About half identify themselves as white, and the other half consider themselves black or brown. Back in the ’70s, some Brazilian Institute did a survey asking people to categorize themselves by color, and that ended up being 134 categories! Brazil has a lot of racial mixtures, including Italian– my grandfather’s family emigrated there from Italy because there was an Italian population.

          “Latino” seems to be a catch-all for anyone whose native language is Spanish. The people I know consider themselves Chicanos, Puertorriquenos, Dominicanas, Cubanos, etc. And a huge number of people who live in those countries you mentioned are “Indian,” for lack of a better word– about half of Peru’s people, for example, even though they may speak Spanish. (I dated one.) So basically, no one word covers it all. In fact, South Americans consider everyone from Canada on down to Panama “North Americans.”

          There’s no way the PBR can come out and say “Sexiest White Cowboy,” but that’s pretty much what the “contest” is. I still would like to know who picked the “finalists.” Who picked the semi-finalists? Who picked the first batch of cowboys? The fans sure didn’t have a say– unless they were in one of those secret focus groups. It’s all so hokey. I’m sure Sparks’s publisher already has decided.


    2. S. says:

      Where is Ty Murray, anyway? He doesn’t seem to be doing The Ty Murray Report anymore, either.


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