Thanks to a tweet by Kody Lostroh, the Twittersphere now knows that the FIRST man to ride Bushwacker actually was Markus Mariluch, in Las Vegas in 2009, scoring 88 points. That information is NOT on the PBR website; can you believe it? ProBullStats has that info.

The second man to ride him was Thiago Paguioto, in the same week, for 89.75 points. That information is on the PBR website.

JB Mauney was the THIRD man to ride Bushwacker, and partly because people have amnesia and like Hollywood scripts, was scored 95.25.

As a person with a PR background, it looks sorta like the information about the first two rides has been suppressed–if not deliberately, at least by omission– to make the bull seem invincible and JB Mauney seem like St. George slaying the dragon. An organization that can scour their archives to dig up extra 90-point rides for Chris Shivers surely must know the real stats on Bushwacker.

For those of you who automatically think I’m ragging on either the bull or JB, read more carefully. JB didn’t write his own score, and Bushwacker didn’t decide he was too embarrassed to admit he’d already been ridden twice. People did both of those things. I’m not taking away anything from a great bull or a great rider.

I just like people to know the truth.

And a very very belated congratulations to Markus Mariluch!

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  1. Esther says:

    Markus Mariluch rode Bushwacker at a Touring Pro event which is why the ride isn’t on the PBR website, they only track rides at the BFTS level. When Bushwacker was ridden by Thiago Paguioto he was still a Classic bull (4 yrs old), his career stats didn’t start until he was considered a mature bull. Cody Lambert does occasionally bring Classic bulls to events, including the World Finals. At least that is my understanding of how this all works.


    • The PBR needs to give the TPD more props!
      ProBullStats doesn’t seem to have a problem with young bulls. And I’ve definitely seen them at BFTS events, like when they feature some ABBI bulls.
      I just think the PBR should tell the truth, that’s all.


      • Esther says:

        Most major league sports don’t give their minor leagues any mention on their websites, at least the PBR mentions theirs and gives standings. ProBullStats is all about bulls, so it stands to reason he would have data on bulls from when they started bucking. I don’t really have a problem with the PBR saying Bushwacker has only been ridden once, as that is his major league, or mature bull, career stat – as opposed to his lifetime career stats. I guess technically the PBR should clarify that, but like other major league sports they don’t mention minor league stats. Anyway, congratulations to Markus and Thiago for riding Bushwacker.


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