NYC PBR Saturday

First event of the PBR season, from “none other than Madison Square Garden,” as The Bummer put it. (Good grief!)

I missed the 1st hour of the broadcast because I totally forgot about the PBR. Seriously. I tuned in at 11pm, and saw the Athlete Profile about—what a surprise!—JB Mauney. Apparently there’s only 1 bull rider in the world and we’re never going to hear the end of it. Remember this crap? “Mauney’s historic comeback is complete!” “He has waited a lifetime!” “Mauney Makes it Matter Most!” “Alves has an answer!” “Our heavyweights trade blows yet again!” “He could have bucked off at three; JB Mauney said No! Fate said No!” “There’s your exclamation point!” “The ride heard round the world!” “It was like a Shakespearean play!” GAAACKK!
We’re probably going to hear replays of Hummer’s hysterical hyperventilating on every broadcast from now until JB retires.
In the first 3 minutes I watched, I was ready to quit. The arena music was SO LOUD, I could hardly hear Shorty Gorham. If only it could drown out Craig Hummer!

Unlike a mainstream sport, which almost never changes its rules—people have been griping about the designated hitter since 1973—the PBR has declared a new rule this year: every championship round will have 15 riders. I guess the bulls are getting too big for their britches, and the PBR’s worried that the cowboys might get skunked. I saw that happen at a Touring Pro event in Worcester ages ago: not one ride in the final round, so instead of splitting up the prize money among the bulls, the judges awarded it according to who rode for the longest time.

Thank god the powers-that-be noted that Robson Palermo is back, showed footage of him winning NYC last year, and reminded people that he’s the only 3-time Finals event winner. He looked nervous before his first out, pumping himself up, slapping his face before he got into the chute.
One of the most motivating—or discouraging—workout videos I’ve ever seen was the cell phone glimpse of his 8-hour daily training regime: 2,000 sit-ups a day, and the most brutal ones I’ve ever seen: clamping his legs around a heavy punching bag suspended in mid-air, his shoulders nearly touching the ground, pulling himself all the way up—then lowering himself back down again. Over and over. Talk about core strength! On Sunday Brandon/Clint admitted that just looking at that video made him “nauseous.” Wrong word, but I know what he means: urpy.
Palermo’s riding was in fine form, too. 85.75 on Monsoon, 86.50 on Pretty Boy Floyd. It was nice to see him fooling around with Flint, making that “call me” gesture. A bit of joshing goes a long way toward good international relations.

Leah Garcia interviewed Silvano Alves and asked him about his mindset after winning “back to back to back” world titles.

Shorty Gorham got it half-right: “I don’t know how much better JB really was, but Silvano gave it to him by not taking re-rides.”

“It’s nice to see the PBR bleeding into the mainstream.” —Ty Murray talking about Jory Markiss being chosen for the cover of that romance novel.
“His physique is still just topnotch.” —Ty, telling us gals something we don’t know about Guilherme Marchi. Silly bull Blackberry went into his hand and gave him an 86.50.
“There’s a reason these guys are the best in the world.” —Ty, after João Ricardo Vieira scored 86 on Juke Box Hero.

Why did Silvano pull the ripcord a couple of seconds into his ride on Steamer?? Maybe because the bull’s exit from the chute was odd, but there wasn‘t an orange flag in sight; the judges obviously could’ve cared less. After the ride, he was smiling sheepishly as he walked off the dirt. He told Ty he panicked. The World Champ panicked?? The man with the world’s best poker face? WTF is going on with him? Maybe being treated shabbily most of last season finally got to him.

Past Time, who’s 1 for 8, was bouncing around in the chute while a whole pit crew worked on getting JB Mauney set up—and not a peep from the chute judge. “Mauney’s magnificence continues,” oozes Craig. “When you’re hot, you’re hot.” (Yeah, Hummer, we know you think JB’s hot.) And then when he scored 89.50, “Mauney makes another exclamation point.” OY!


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5 Responses to NYC PBR Saturday

  1. S. says:

    The random way they’d have 10 guys or 15 guys in the championship round never made any sense to me, so I’m not too sad to see them settle on something. Although why do they keep saying J.B. will be paired with Bushwacker in random infographics that disappear before I can figure out what they are saying (the 15/15?)? Isn’t that based on ranking? How would they know who he’d be against at this point? It sounds sketchy if it’s somehow already decided.


    • I saw the TV ad saying Jan. 26, but it was confusing, since it was so well-designed. 🙂 So now JB gets “billing above the title,” as we say in movieland. At this point, I’m hoping Bushwacker takes care of business!


  2. A tired fan says:

    Hmm, the more I think about the cowboys from the PRCA breaking away, I wonder if there is something in the works with RFD TV for a new event Just a thought.


  3. Trying to be a fan says:

    I found an interesting story about the PRCA. Looks like with the possible move of the finals to FL many are thinking about defecting and make their own rodeo the the PBR did. Your thoughts?


    • Nice and complicated. Sounds like nobody knows how to compromise. I hate to sound like a BOF, but do the cowboys have a business plan? It can never hurt to have more rodeo organizations, but if the breakaways have to compete with the established organizations to get sponsors, venues, and TV deals they want, it could get ugly. And once you step out of the fold, can you ever return? Or work both circuits? It’s hard for me to imagine PRCA events without some of those names.

      It’ll be interesting to see how relocating the PRCA Finals to Florida pans out, since a huge chunk of their fan base lives out West and can’t afford to travel that far. On the other hand, maybe it’ll mean more events east of the Mississippi, and along the East Coast—dare I say, maybe even in the Northeast? (That would be my totally self-interested vote.) Fans out here will go down there; it’s a lot cheaper than a flight to Las Vegas. It would be smart to open up new markets. It also makes room for more newcomers to qualify for PRCA events; I’m sure people are sick of competing against Brazile and losing!

      “The American” event that RFD-TV is hyping has an odd assortment of participants. The fact that Justin McBride is “coming out of retirement” to ride in it kinda makes it just a PR show. He’s the bait, otherwise there wouldn’t be that much prize money. And the fact that they’re using the “Buckle up” slogan in the ads shows you who’s really behind it. I’ll still watch it, of course.


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