Watch out for those puppet strings, JB!

Seriously—have you seen the new Ariat ad? It’s a photo of JB Mauney in the air, looking like he’s about to stick a landing off a bull. A very balletic move, right hand countering the nonexistent bull’s moves, hat and fringes flying, left foot contacting the dirt.

Only, he’s really on platform in a photo studio in New York City, and has just been pushed off a box. In the brief video clip on the Ariat website, he landed on his knee, but the final ad photo shows him in flight, one foot touching down. The fake dirt he raises seems to have been airbrushed into the photo.

This shoot was a few weeks before the Finals. The PBR was so confident he’d be the World Champion that they sent him, out of a dozen riders sponsored by Ariat—including Silvano Alves, reigning World Champion.

They really had their ducks in a row for the Finals, didn’t they? If the outcome of the Finals wasn’t a foregone conclusion, they’d have hedged their bets and sent both guys, then used the photos of the one who won.

Just sayin’.


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4 Responses to Watch out for those puppet strings, JB!

  1. S. says:

    I seem to recall hearing something about how the PBR had made all these promo materials about Austin Meier, world champ, the year that Renato won. Whoops.

    And it’s kind of a magical feedback loop that J.B. Mauney gets lots of rah-rah coverage from the PBR (who else gets a press release about attending or not attending an event?) and then he’s the one with name-recognition. I wonder why. Not saying there’s a nefarious plot at hand, but just saying that there’s a certain phrase out there about self-fulfilling prophecies that might apply.


    • Enough PR can convince almost anyone of anything. If the PBR put as much hype behind Alves as they do behind JB, he’d have the name recognition. JB was one of the first riders they sent out to do TV and radio shows– I remember him saying he had no idea why he was doing the Fox Business Report– and they just kept sending him out. What happens when someone else wins the World Championship this year? Especially someone Brazilian? Oh, what am I saying– the judges already have their calculators warmed up.


  2. Esther says:

    They probably would have gone with JB regardless because of the name recognition. Just as they have with Cord McCoy. Name recognition was probably one of the reasons they chose Hannah Selleck (daughter of Tom Selleck) for the English photo. Aren’t all photo shoots pretty contrived? Look at the video of George Strait and Trevor Brazile. I think you’re looking for something that just isn’t there. By the way Silvano Alves is not shown in their photos of athletes.


  3. Trying to be a fan says:

    Just watched PBR last night. JB not competing but Leah had to show us his tweets. Give me a break!


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