The rest of PBR Anaheim

Strongest bull of the night, Mr. Feiger, is Bushwacker’s brother, and there’s definitely a resemblance.


  • EWW, gross! Gene Simmons with his fake hair under a fake cowboy hat, looking awful and puffy. He also doesn’t talk the way he did 35 years ago, and I’m thinking this isn’t necessarily age-related. So thrilling to see him diddling on his phone, visiting the locker room, etc. Snorrrre… BTW, he may have an interest in bull riding, but the contractor listed for all the Kiss-named bulls is Jeff Robinson. Gene’s Anaheim appearance is hooked (ha ha) to promoting the LA arena football team in which he and Paul Stanley have a stake.
  • Rooster Foot causing chaos at the chute: taking down several guys who weren’t even on his back, as they yanked Pistol Robinson off the rearing bull.

“Our Bad Boy Blower Weed Dog,” said Craig, stumbling over his own tongue. You know that got globally tweeted. I’ll never be able to see that ad again, or look at the leaderboard, without hearing it in my head. And I’ll never get tired of it.

“He was psychotic. Literally, if he was a human, they’d put him in an rubber room in a strait jacket.” Ty Murray’s take on Panhandle Slim.

Frank Newsom broke some ribs last night when he got rolled and stomped in an awful Warbird wreck. Then he bounced up and kept working. The fact that tonight he came to work with broken ribs is insane. They keep calling him “tough,” but I think there’s a serious disconnect between certain neurons.


  • “In order to get any chance for a re-ride, you must stay on for 8 seconds.” Since when??
  • “Somebody needed to tell Lambert he needed to put 4 quarters in the bucking machine and not just 2.” Huh? What goes on in that oddball brain before this stuff comes out of Craig’s mouth? Are the squirrels that turn the wheel stoned?

The broadcast aired a videoclip of Ty in 2001, making a ride. His comment: “I’m surprised that wasn’t in black and white.”

Nathan Schaper was rushed to the hospital after Bushwacker took care of business: surgery for a broken tibia and fibula, a rod inserted in his tibia; he’ll be out for 3 to 6 months. It’s not much consolation, but at least he can say that the rankest bull in the PBR did this to him, not some wussie little no-name—them’s bragging rights.


  • Valdiron de Oliveira’s happy face after he scored 88.50 on Braveheart, and his knuckle pushups after Warbird became no longer unridden, (85.75).
  • Jory Markiss broke his losing streak on Right Cross, for 86.75.
  • On fire: João Ricardo Vieira, with 90 points on Deer Me (bull score, 46.50!), who went into his hand. Man, what a big ol’ rack on that bull.
  • “Guilherme Marchi said, Welcome to my office.”—Ty describing last night when Betray Me turned into Guilherme’s hand, for 87.50. Kiss Animalize had an appointment too; tonight for 90 points. “Marchi about to terrorize Kiss Animalize,” was how Hummer put it. MGuilherme was pretty talkative in his interview with Leah Garcia: He wants to win the title again this year, his wife and kids are back, so are his parents, yadda yadda yadda.

Ben Jones missed the Sacramento event because of broken rib injuries—more, or the same ones from last year? In the wings, he was all hyped and nervous, which as we all know, isn’t usually the way he gets a score. But he did! On Boogyman, for 87.50, just when he was on the bubble. Then he crawled across the dirt out of the bull’s way, and had trouble getting up. Sports Medicine trotted out to take care of him, but Ben shrugged them off and burst out with his dance—reminded me of James Brown on his knees, suddenly throwing off that satin cape and bouncing up to put out one more burst of energy. Ty was amazed that Ben was “able to do a dance like this, even as bad as his dancing is.” (Aw, come on, Ty—so what if Ben didn’t make it to Dancing with the Stars?) And then Ben bent over and faded.
In Round 3, he rode Knothead (83.75), but after his bad landings, he got trampled. Julio Moreno had to rope the bull out of there. Ben couldn’t really walk; he crumpled and was carried out upright by several guys. No Championship Round for him.

Alves finally pulled himself out of his funk by scoring 87.25 with Texicali, whose score was 44.50. I have no idea why Hummer said this, but when do I ever? “Silvano doesn’t need a doctor, he just wrote his own prescription.”

Marchi, 6 rides away from his 500th career ride, bailed halfway through his ride on Mr. Showbiz. (Gee, wonder why “Hollywood” was matched with Mr. Showbiz? Cute, Cody.) Somebody call Adriano to give Guilherme a good talking-to!

Cody Brown, in his 1st BFTS event, since winning Touring Pro Little Rock event.
Gage Gay, 19, who scored 86.25 last night in his 4th BFTS event. Cute: when he was 9, he told Leah Garcia that some day he’d have an interview with her; this weekend, he had two. When asked how it felt to score 86.25 on Mate: “It’s what I’ve been doing, except I get paid a lot more.” Ty: “I love that interview.”
Keith Rocquemore – after being jerked down over Good Times’s head, he got stomped in his mid-section and left trailing medical personnel.
Poor thing, as my mother would say: debut bull, Packin’ Heat, had a quick spin, but nothing else. Ty: “He’s basically running in a really tight circle. He’s just chasing his tail as fast as he can go.”


  • Markus Mariluch was taking so much time prepping and rewrapping on Snow Goose, that Ty piped up, “Markus is getting very picky…I’m surprised the judge isn’t getting on his case for not taking a nod there.” Well, I’m not. They just don’t put more than two Americans per year on the clock.
  • On Crazy Action, JB was scored 88; that’s .25 above Alves—just for old time’s sake.

It was unbelievable that JB Mauney stayed on Stirred Up’s cockamamie trip! He sure deserved a re-ride. Thank you, Ty, for saying on air what I’ve said many times: it doesn’t make sense that half the score is for the bull’s difficulty, but when a rider has a bull that’s “like a train on square wheels” and impossible to ride, he gets a low score. JB was offered a re-ride, but kept 65.25 instead. Now, did he “valiantly” decline the re-ride?

Do you have to be American to ride in The American? Because according to people I met in Costa Rica, people living below Mexico also consider themselves Americans; North and South were one big land mass, until the Panama Canal was cut.

Mike Lee is so stylin’, with that green leather glove.


Fabiano Vieira is out with a concussion, from when Imagine That slammed him to the ground on his back.
Marco Eguchi has a right shoulder sprain
Ryan Dirteater has a forearm contusion
Another concussion for Ben’s collection
Eduardo Aparecido out of the Championship Round with a strained groin

Stormy Wing did an amazing handstand on Roy’s back, even if he didn’t mean to.

Marco Eguchi’s grip on the back of his neck saved hat-wearing Claudio Crisostomo from a broken face when Hustle Up lurched forward a few times in the chute, but after Claudio’s 86.75 ride, the bull’s left hind foot crashed down on his face. One word: helmet!!

Strongest Bull of the Day: Big Tex “Rocks”
Stone Sober, according to Ty: “This bull’s gonna do everything he can but pull a knife on you, and the only reason he doesn’t is ‘cause he doesn’t have one.”
Shepherd Hills Tested continues to buck off World Champions—6 so far. JB is now 2 for 6 against this bull; he must be getting really pissed off.
High Steaks is 3 for 31 on the BFTS; Ty described his action: “Sort of like what Bushwacker does, but more horrible.”
Valdiron “made a safe pick” said The Bummer, about C Note. Ty had to remind him that the idea is to pick a bull you want to get on and get a score. Exactly what Valdiron did: scored 90.75, did one more knuckle pushup than Flint did, and won the event.


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