troub charlie kentIt’s a sad commentary on so-called bullriding fans (not all of them, obviously) that so many people were more willing to argue and trash one another on this site than to respond to the idea of sending in positive compliments about Kent Cox. The next piece is the last I’ll post on the subject, and I think it says it best. Charlie Bullware has given me permission to quote from his Facebook page. I like to call this The Ballad of Kent Cox:

“I was struttin’ through the pasture just the other day… when I loped up to Troubadour Pbr Bucking Bull… and said, “Hey, Hey.”.. I said, “Troub, Dude, remember back when… we were hangin’ in Texas… with our buddy Kent… It was up in the mornin’ and running laps… then chompin’ grain and Two Bulls.. he was determined to make us champs… Troub, you’d paw and throw dirt, and I’d beat up that tree… But Kent would just laugh and go get the keys… It was time to load up… and head for the show… we’d buck like hellyuns… and Kent would glow… He’d call my mom, and he’d call our pop… the results were good… but he wasn’t gonna stop…Miles and miles and buck after buck..Troubadour T11/3, Dude… we made it a home… inside of that truck… Kent got us to Vegas… the bright lights, the big show… we didn’t let him down… you claimed the big spot… and I was just below… All fun aside… it’s time to reflect… on an awesome dude… we love and respect… As we graze in the grass… and look up to the sky… we are retired champs… and we KNOW why… so we holler to Kent with heavy hearts…. save us a spot in your pen…”

Thanks, Charlie.


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8 Responses to CHARLIE SAYS…

  1. Elizabeth Butterfield says:

    I couldn’t stand to McKea and his stupid one liner jokes either. Why don’t they get a good rodeo announcer? I love your writing I thought I was the only one that is so sick of Hummer and Mauney. I have never heard such a thing. Now they are comparing him to Lane Frost and he is wearing his hair like Lane. But they are all like that with JB, McBride, Shorty and the whole bunch. I love it but can’t take it much more. The DQ’s on Alves and Val were the last straw. I have always seen them go to the next chute if they weren’t ready. There has been plenty of our boys that have taken to much time and certainly haven’t gotten the boot.
    They hate them, the judges, Lambert tells the guys he likes what bulls to pick and what they do.
    Shearer needs to fall in one of those chutes and a bull do a little dance on him.
    I have rambled on long enough. I love your writing “no prejudices there” thank you very much I appreciate you seeing it like it is and speaking out.
    I couldn’t believe how they treated the death of Ken Cox either.
    Sincerely, Elizabeth Butterfield


    • Thank you! You are not alone, believe me. I’ve gotten so many comments on the PBR’s favoritism; and yep, you’re right about Lambert, too. And not only is JB supposed to be the next Lane Frost, he’s also supposed to be the next Chris Shivers. (I do like Justin McKee’s remarks, though– cowboys “getting airmailed all over the place” was a great description of how many buckoffs were happening.) My favorite crack about Hummer came from one of my readers: “He looks like he should be a reality TV show host.”
      Glad to hear from you!


  2. Esther says:

    I did not know Kent, but when JB rode Bushwacker and Kent was the first to congratulate him, giving him a big hug and you could just see his genuine happiness, to me that spoke volumes about the character of the man.


  3. Dave O says:

    I only hope he was able to pass his knowledge on to the next generation so we can continue to see the likes of Bushwacker.


  4. Trying to be a fan says:

    On a lighter note…watched The American yesterday. I really enjoyed listening to Justin McKee announce the event. I wish the PBR would bring him back. It is obvious that he still has a good rapport with Randy Bernard as he was working for RFD TV yesterday.


  5. Dee says:

    Accomplished. Hard working. Human.


  6. Trying to be a fan says:

    I did not know him. Suicide is so final. It does not matter if you know them or not…it hurts the people that are left.


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