As an old friend of mine used to say, “I am OUTDONE!” This is just the last straw!! PBR website features a 3-page story about JB Mauney’s sprained wrist, beginning with, “The most anticipated injury update of 2014 is a sprained left wrist.” ???!!!

How about Robson Palermo dislocating his shoulder twice this month?? Oh, he’s only the three-time world-record-holding Finals event winner. World Champion Mike Lee’s knee surgery? Have we gotten bulletins about his MRI being rushed anywhere? He’s taken off less time than JB has, for a surgery that normally has a rehab time a lot longer than that for a sprained wrist. (I had two such surgeries.)

What about Claudio Crisostomo’s clavicle surgery? Fabiano Vieira’s and Tanner Byrne’s concussions? Matt Triplett sprained his (riding hand) wrist, too. I’m sure they won’t bother with stories about Thad Newell’s broken shoulder blade or Keith Roquemore, Brady Sims, and Brent Chaffin’s concussions–I mean, whoever heard of them, right? They’re lucky they got a sentence or two in the Injury Report.

Sure, last month the PBR website ran a 5-page story on Kody Lostroh’s and Robson Palermo’s injuries (before the twice-dislocated shoulder): 3 1/2 pages of it were devoted to Kody. (The extensive coverage included the fact that he’s adding rubber gym mats, wrestling mats, and exercise equipment to his home workout area.) Robson got slightly more than 1 page.

The PBR’s slavish devotion to JB above all other riders is disgusting and disrespectful to other riders, especially those who have more serious injuries. Why is JB’s boo-boo bigger, badder, and better than everyone else’s? Clearly the PBR thinks he’s worth more as a human being than anyone else, just because he’s got a certain buckle. I guess those boys all think they’re “going steady” with JB. Newsflash, boys: he’s married. Your crush is just cringe-worthy.

And I’ll bet JB thinks this hoopla is ridiculous, too.

PBR has completely lost its perspective. Tom Teague retiring is a LOT bigger news, not just for them, but also for the bucking bull industry. When PBR was getting off the ground, he gave them $3.1 million to help get them TV rights; he’s on their Board of Directors, and he won the Jim Shoulders Award. If they hadn’t put him on the front page, I’d be even madder.

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  1. Trying to be a fan says:

    Once again, the rules change. No more chute clock except for Silvano. The PBR is always changing the rules of the game…


  2. Gary says:

    How can you think they fix events against Brazilians? They are a minority in the number of riders vs Americans yet they win a higher percentage of events and currently have 6 in the top ten. When anyone gets a re-ride their score has to be low or the red flags wouldnt come out. No one gets a re-ride with an 80 or more. Alves never takes a re-ride so they wouldnt have a chance to give him a bad score. Did everyone forget that Silvano wont the title twice? By his own admission he is having a bad year this year.

    JB is the World Champ so of course it is big news if he is hurt. Like him or not JB has chosen some tough Bulls and has been the first to ride several Bulls that had long buck off streaks, kind of like Justin McBride. This week Robsons surgery is all over page one. There are no stats to support the idea that anything is fixed. The Brazilians win more than their share. Last year a Brazilian was Rookie of the year. They were world champs six of the last ten years and this year they have six in the top ten – all of this when they have less than half the number of riders as the Americans.

    When I first started covering PBR several years ago I was surprised that the American riders were so friendly and helpful to Brazilian riders – back then there werent nearly as many. If you ask Adriano I will bet anyone a million bucks that he would do nothing but tell stories how everyone helped him and wouldn’t have anything to do with charges of racism. You seem to forget that PBR helps bring Brazilians here. They bend over backwards to help them get visa’s to come here and stay here.Many of them get a qualifying pass when they do arrive and go right to the BFT Series – unlike American riders. I disagree with any fix allegations and branding anyone racist is a low blow without proof. Very nasty thing to say.


    • S. says:

      I honestly think that at the BFTS level, the riders consider themselves brothers, and it probably has opened eyes for riders of all nationalities. However, it doesn’t mean that no one in the PBR is racist, and I know there are racist fans because I’ve seen them and interacted with them, unfortunately. Racism doesn’t just mean being a member of a hate group– it can be a subconscious bias.

      Not sure how much the PBR actually helps any of these guys with visas (there’s always a story about somebody getting stuck somewhere because of visa issues), and the Brazilians who get invited here do so because of their performance at PBR Brazil events. That’s the way the PBR has it set up, so not sure what else you would propose– that the Brazilian invitees should have to go to the TPD first?

      Many of the Brazilians are consistent, and that is why they win or are in the top. That doesn’t mean the PBR is showering fairness or great scores on them.

      At this point, if I were Silvano, I wouldn’t take a re-ride either, since it seems 50/50 he’ll be DQd.

      I don’t think anyone is saying that J.B. Mauney isn’t a great rider or exciting to watch. However, event-by-event press releases about what he is or isn’t doing is overkill.


      • You practically read my mind! See what I wrote in response to the same comment.


      • Gary says:

        being Brazilian isnt a race. There are Brazilians of all colors. Anyone that cant admit that Alvez has a problem in the chutes doesnt understand Bull Riding or Rodeo in general. all of his friends go to the chute to help him and are hollering to get him to nod. The dude has an issue and the PBR is doing what it would do with anyone.


      • I never said Brazilian is a race. In previous comments over the years I’ve made it very clear that there are many races in Brazil. Racism doesn’t necessarily mean a negative attitude toward one race– it can be an attitude toward several (other than one’s own).

        There is no other rider in any PBR event that I’ve seen in the last 4 years who is treated the way Alves is. I suppose he’s the first and only rider in PBR history who waits until the last second to leave the chute? Even when he’s DQ’d for it, the judge we’ve seen on camera is nasty about it, getting angry and insulting. I’ll bet if I took a poll, no one would come up with an example of another rider getting this attitude.

        This will be my last reply to you and last approval of your comments. You have crossed the line of civility with your sentence, “Anyone that cant admit that Alvez has a problem in the chutes doesnt understand Bull Riding or Rodeo in general.” I won’t respond to insults. If you’re looking for a flame war, go somewhere else. Tim Webster is always up for one.


    • How can I think they fix events against Brazilians? Because I’ve seen it up close and personal a couple of times in New York, and a couple of times on TV. The fact that Brazilians are a minority in the number of riders but win a higher percentage of events and are 6 of the top 10 just means they’re excellent riders; in spite of the, shall we say, inconsistent treatment they receive. It’s not exactly a hard and fast rule that to get a re-ride, a rider’s score has to be low, or that no one gets a re-ride with an 80 or more. Tanner Byrne got a re-ride in Tacoma with an 82.25. “Alves never takes a re-ride so they wouldn’t have a chance to give him a bad score”? Uh, Boise: 55.75. Yes, this season Alves hasn’t been up to his usual standard. Wonder if the anti-Alves movement last season had an effect?
      It may be big news if JB’s hurt, but the obsessive microscopic reportage and hysterical headlines are ridiculously out of proportion. Whoever said I don’t like him? I do like JB. I don’t like how some people act about him. Robson’s surgery is “all over” page one? Oh, you mean the story 1/3 the size of JB’s, that they posted after enough people squawked.
      The stats do support the idea that PBR judges treat Americans and Brazilians differently, from what I’ve seen. if I saw every single event from start to finish and compared what I saw with Slade Long’s statistics, I could write quite a nifty post. Judging by what I do see, and what eyewitnesses at other events tell me, biased scoring and “judgment calls” are no figment of the imagination. “The Brazilians win more than their share”? More than their share? Right there’s the bias: they win more than they deserve? Rookie of the Year, 6 World Championships, 6 in the top 10 when there are twice as many American riders as Brazilians just proves their skill level, not the even-handedness of the judges.
      (Tell me what you mean by “covering” the PBR; I’m curious. Are you writing for them?) It’s not surprising that Adriano will say positive things about his experience; his life was changed radically by his success here. But you can bet there were a lot of ruffled feathers when he was kicking American ass. How people behave to his face can be quite different from what they say behind his back. There’s also that “token” factor: prejudiced people can hack maybe one of The Other Kind of People, but when the gates are opened and more Other People come in, the not-so-open-minded folks start freaking out. Forget that PBR helps bring Brazilians here? I don’t know why you think I’m senile. I haven’t forgotten anything. “They bend over backwards to help them get visa’s to come here and stay here”? That’s called good business. “Many of them get a qualifying pass when they do arrive and go right to the BFT Series – unlike American riders”? Yeah, because they’ve already won enough equivalent events in Brazil; several of the “new guys” were Brazil’s national champions. They deserve to be here— they earned it. It’s not quite the same as letting a Touring Pro into an event because he won a recent TPD event. It’s more like, if Kody Lostroh, Mike Lee, and JB Mauney wanted to ride in Brazil.

      You may disagree with any fix allegations and branding anyone racist, but I base my comments on evidence. The Turn Him Out blog and a lot of Twitter and Facebook comments from people who attend and/or view events agree. (You won’t find negative comments on the PBR website because they won’t post them.) Ty Murray had the same reaction to many of those calls as I did. I’ve seen some shocking anti-Brazilian and way pro-American calls; that’s how Cody Nance “won” in Madison Square Garden when Valdiron de Oliveira clearly delivered a superior ride. The crowd was not pleased. This year, there was the fake “tie” between Fabiano Vieira and JB Mauney, manufactured by a .25 ding against Vieira (a standard judging technique all last year, used against Alves in particular). I sat even closer to the action than last year, and this was an appallingly blatant fix. And let’s not forget the pre-chute-clock fandango, when “Let’s go, Silvano!” “Let’s go, Valdiron!” etc. would start after 10 seconds, whereas Stormy Wing could send out for pizza while he’s in there. It’s astonishing to me how people can not see the favoritism.


  3. S. says:

    The part where we veer into the Twilight Zone is the “most anticipated injury” part. Anticipated by whom? Apparently the PBR thinks we all care as much about JB as they do! I don’t wish the guy any harm, but I’m not sitting at home and work, waking from restless sleep because I’m fretting about his wrist MRI and hoping the PBR lets me know what he texted them.


  4. Cowgirl19114 says:

    Again, you have penned my thoughts. Thank YOU!


    • You’re welcome, fellow Jedi!


    • Elizabeth Butterfield says:

      And my thoughts. I thought I was the only one alive that felt this way? PBR has gotten so crooked it’s pathetic.
      Lambert is as bad as the judges, Shorty and announcers. To bad.
      Love your honesty and seeing through the dust.


      • So happy to hear it! Sometimes people think I’m paranoid, seeing conspiracies. You nailed it. A source who was inside PBR for 8 years has all the dirt, and yep, Cody Lambert is right in there fixing things with the judges and COO Sean Gleason.
        Thanks for the compliment. All my life it’s been my job to tell the truth, and boy, a lot of people don’t like it. I’m just glad those people don’t know where I live. 🙂


  5. Gary says:

    The feature article is a “News Flash” about Robsons surgery. Maybe they read this??


  6. closeobserver says:

    I’m sooo sick of JB’s name, picture & video of him on every PBR event!! He’s been out of competition for few weeks but they still show his rides and talk about him! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! PBR is just waiting on his return so they can start giving him 90+ rides again!
    Another thing, why are they giving Silvano such low scores??? When he is given a re-ride, they give him a 50 or 60 score. But I’ve seen other riders given re-rides with score on the low 80’s!! I guess it’s one way to keep Silvano from winning the World Title! PBR needs new judges!!!


    • Yup– a repeat of last year’s tactics. Judges are sure Alves won’t take a re-ride, so they’ll score him as low as they can. Until this crap stops, bull riding–at least, PBR– won’t be a legitimate mainstream sport; it’s WWE. They can do all the marketing in the world, but fixing events means you’re bogus. I’m thinking a great sports attorney could shred them–but the riders don’t have a union, and aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them–even if half the time that hand slaps them and hands the feed to someone else.


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