Don’t know why I bother…PBR in Tacoma

This trip is Smackdown’s last Washington gig, and he even got a perm for the occasion. Get Smacked is his ½ brother.
Kimosabe is a PRCA bull. How often do we see that kind of crossover?

Billy Robinson, LJ Jenkins, Harve Stewart, and Guilherme Marchi all weighed in on the “young guns.” PFF: Baby-faced LJ talking about himself as an “old guy” and referring to “these kids.”

Mike Lee is king of the creative hangup. Last night his up-curved spurs were responsible for him losing a boot; then the bull trashed him with his head. Flint returned the ripped-off sole.

Loved the snowboarding footage: riders showing off, and not so well, either; there were some funny buckoffs. Justin McBride wasn’t out there, though, because “There are too many screws and bolts holding me together.”

Australian David Mason recently competed in his 1st BFTS event.
Derek Powell made the Championship Round in his 1st BFTS event.
Alex Aparecido Marcilio, 5th in Brazil’s standings, won a Touring Pro event in West Plains, Missouri recently. He didn’t make 8. “Welcome to the Big Leagues,” Craig said, as he always does when somebody new gets bucked off. What would he say if they scored?


  • Gee, what a surprise: the Athlete’s Profile was about the one guy who doesn’t need any publicity.
  • Ryan Dirteater was paired with a bull called Red Thunder. I’ll bet Cody Lambert thinks that’s funny. I don’t.
  • Because of Buckoff’s mediocre trip, Tanner Byrne was given a choice of 82.25 or a reride. Clearly he’s a favorite son. (Or rather, brother). He kept the points—hell, it ties him for 2nd). (“Making a very calculated decision,” says Craig Hummer. But when Silvano Alves turns down a re-ride, it’s a mortal sin.)
  • When Buckey’s stinky trip stuck Guilherme Marchi with an 81, he got no reride option.
  • Renato Nunes has switched to an American bull rope. Why? Because he was told that a Brazilian style rope he’s using is illegal. Too much slack (4”). Every week we learn a new rule. Or an old rule that nobody told us. Or a rule the Brazilians didn’t know because nobody told them. Or a rule that doesn’t exist. Funny how these obscure rules always involve a Brazilian at the short end of the stick. How is it that in the last 5 years this “rule” has never come up? Don’t tell me no other rider from any other country has ever had too much slack in his rope. Maybe the ruler they used to measure Nunes’s rope was made by the same people who make the judge’s stopwatch.
  • Hummer harping on his “Brazilian dominance” theme—does he not see the connection between that and the judges’ hateful attitude toward them?

“This dirt is very, very unique.”—Shorty Gorham.

They’re “still working out the kinks in those clocks,” according to Shorty. Yeah, pull the other one. The judge told Valdiron de Oliveira to get off Arctic Cooler’s back, because he “missed an opportunity to ride.” That call caused something I’ve never seen before: Guilherme Marchi, Adriano Moraes, and other Brazilian riders being upset enough to go talk to the judge about that fishy DQ. Ridiculous explanation: There’s a difference between the chute clock and the clock in the judge’s hand. Great— so the chute clock everyone sees is bogus, and it’s still the judge who decides who gets how much time.

Anticipating spring: Brady Sims in acid-green chaps. Mike Lee’s turquoise hat.

Liked the split-screen photos of Gage Gay and JB Mauney in action. I guess I wasn’t the only one noticing that Gage’s hand motion is like Mauney’s when he’s doing things right. But then: “We’re not comparing him to JB Mauney quite yet,” says Justin McBride. “Yet” is the scary word. Oh dear god, are we lining up a successor already? Well, the kid really seems to want it; in fact, he’s a bit much. He came in 2nd in the Iron Cowboy event, and now says he wants to be Rookie of the Year and World Champion in the same year. Leah Garcia asked him if he liked the number on the back of JB’s vest (#1). “Yeah, I want it,” he said. Start looking over your shoulder, JB.

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