Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

…a few of my favorite things? Nahhh. I just thought I’d “review” the last few PBR events thematically: in other words, what keeps popping up? This week’s topics:


Now that PBR has finally responded to years of innumerable complaints about anonymous judges, we see their names on TV broadcasts. I think I’ll keep track of them, so by process of elimination, people can figure out which ones are problematic. Who’s consistently lowballing certain riders and over-scoring others? Who’s responsible for those .25 dings against the Brazilian riders? Who misses the slaps? Who harasses which rider(s) in the chute? Who gives more chute time to certain riders and less to others? Who DQs only certain riders? Here are some of the judges’ names (excuse me if I’m missing anyone; sometimes I blink):

  • Albuquerque (Ty Murray Invitational):

Chuck Lambert, Lane Foltyn, Dean Randolph, Jeff Shearer.

  • Fresno:

Allan Jordan – replay judge, Grant Ogilvie…. they flash those judges’ names so fast, you can barely register who they are.

  • Billings:

Allan Jordan – Judge 1, Line & Replay; Bill Pacheco – Judge 2, Line; Chad Pighin – Judge 3, Back; Grant Ogilvie – Judge 4, Back

  • Des Moines :

Lane Foltyn, Shawn Ramirez, Royd Doyal, replay judge = Allan Jordan

  • Last Cowboy Standing:

Donald Owens, Allan Jordan, Lane Foltyn, Jeff Shearer

I’ll be paying more attention starting in August. Let’s see how early PBR declares a World Champion.

2) THE CHUTE CLOCK CRAPSHOOT (same old, same old):

Previously, the rider and TV viewers couldn’t see the chute clock; if you were in the arena sitting right near the chutes, you could. Now they’re putting one in the chute so riders can see it—it’ll light up. Let’s see how that works.

So glad to hear that the Brazilian riders “had a conversation with the PBR about the chute time situation.” Not that it will do any good.

  • Albuquerque:

Under João Ricardo Vieira, Mr. Bull was bucking and thrashing in the chute; Vieira’s spotter, Renato Nunes, had to hold onto him for dear life. Then the bull stuck his nose into the front of the chute, which usually causes a problem. And just as I typed, “If that fucking judge makes a peep I’ll kill him,” the judge yelled, “Let’s go!” Sigh. His next bull, Flick the Switch, needed pushing over, and tried to roll over in the chute–but we already heard, “Let’s go!”

Cody Lambert predicted that Chase Outlaw on Brown Sugar would score an 88.  Now, how long was Chase taking in there? More than a full minute; I timed it with a digital clock. Conveniently, the chute judge was asleep.

Jason Malone was another guy taking 1+ minutes in the chute. And this time, it wasn’t even Whiskey’s Rebel’s fault. For a change, the bull was behaving. Jason also took a lot of time in there getting Jet Airliner set the way he wanted him.

Tanner Byrne got an A for effort on Smashmouth, but still, he was in the chute more than a minute.

  • Fresno:

Tanner was allowed to rewrap, because firstBoo-Ray’s rear was down in the chute, then his front end was. You know how much Byrne was fussing around in there because Shorty razzed him that his shirt was untucked.

Before Alves was in the chute the allotted time on Dirt Devil, his re-ride,  the refrain started: “Come on, Silvano!”

  • Billings:

“I can tell you the idea of the rule is not to screw anybody.”—Ty Murray, talking about getting the kinks worked out of the new system.

  • Des Moines:

“The chute rule was tweaked a little. The pendulum has swung back to the judges’ discretion.” JW Hart says a lot of guys got “time crunched.” Translation: judges can’t tell time when it comes to Killer Bs. Now riders get 30 seconds, and the judge has the discretion to disqualify someone. More blather about ditching the chute clock: “PBR was big enough to know, you can’t have it as a blanket rule.” Of course not— why treat all riders equally? Why be fair? Why shouldn’t judges have the “discretion” to favor some riders over others?

One of JW’s explanations: not enough time for judges to adjust all the different clocks they use. PBR changed it mid-stream to make it right. Um, exactly how many different clocks are they using? AND WHY? Why is there always a gap between the buzzer clock and the wristwatch or stopwatch they show us on TV? So they can start either one when they want, which would give some guys less-than-8-second rides and a score?

So now they’re back to letting the judges really exercise their “discretion” about time in the chute. The whole chute clock thing was a sop thrown to the masses, so PBR could pretend they tried to be fair, and then go back to playing favorites.

JDub then demonstrated chute procedure (on a dummy). Sure, that’s nice and neat, when a bull is standing still.

The first person put on the clock: Valdiron de Oliveira.

So here’s what TV viewers saw. I didn’t see PBR Live events, and I didn’t see all the televised events, but I think it’s safe to say that there were other incidents as well:

  • Incident #1: Albuquerque

Apparently Silvano Alves isn’t allowed to rewrap more than once before we hear, “Nod your head, Silvano!” In Round 2, he was punished with a 71.50 for not taking a re-ride. On Sunday, there was a big discussion about his “chute procedure,” with Leah Garcia reading out peoples’ tweets on the subject. Mine didn’t show up; I named names about who takes longer than Silvano. He then rode his third bull, and got more punishment: 81 points.

  • Incident #2: Fresno

Fabiano Vieira, competing with an injured riding arm, compensated for it by using a different position on Hustle Up. The judge was shouting, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, Fabiano!” when Vieira still had 5 seconds left on the clock. “It seemed to rattle him,” said Craig Hummer. Ya think?? The bull pushed Fabiano against the inside of the chute as the gate opened– with 4 seconds left.

  • Incident #3: Billings

Tanner Byrne prepping on Raven Flyer was given another 20 seconds. Shorty Gorham was trying to help him in the chute. Isn’t that supposed to be a no-no? Tanner’s given another 20 seconds. Someone finally says, “Get out of there, now”—but the clock is re-set. What the hell is that?? Oh for Pete’s sake, now he’s just getting as much time as he wants, and the clock isn’t even showing any numbers.

  • Incident # 4: Des Moines

Hummer said Silvano Alves has had trouble this season with the clock and chute procedure. Um, wouldn’t it be the judges having problems with him? “He’s gonna have to man it up, be a cowboy at some point,” was JW Hart’s insulting remark. Altercation was bucking around in the chute. David Fournier was yelling; Shorty started complaining about Alves, because there was a split-second when the bull stopped, but then started up again. (In other organizations’ bull riding events, I don’t remember hearing any bullfighters on camera badmouthing a rider.) JW said that once you get known for taking too long in there, and the judges get irritated about it, it “compounds.” And that is exactly what’s wrong with the judges’ attitude: they have no right to hold a guy’s previous actions against him. They’re supposed to judge based on what’s happening in the present.

  • Incident #5: Colorado Springs

Hustle Up was torturing Valdiron in the chute, rocketing around, up and down, while the judge was yelling, “You’re on the clock! You’re on the clock!” So Valdiron should nod while the bull is fussing and fighting in there?

  • Incidents #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, & #11: Last Cowboy Standing
  • Stormy Wing was getting set on Big Sleazy. He was on the clock, but nobody was yelling at him.
  • Pistol Robinson was in the chute on Duck Butter for more than 40 seconds, but wasn’t put on the clock; he was allowed to re-set, then got up and out, and while he was doing whatever he was doing, the next rider took his turn. Eventually he was on the clock (after 30 seconds), with the judge telling him he won’t get a re-ride if he doesn’t get out of there. He was DQd for the same situation in Billings.
  • David Fournier started yelling at Alves at exactly 42 seconds, and instantly put him on the clock. Bullet Proof was doing tricks in the chute like standing on his front legs, with one rear hoof hooked in the chute rail. “He didn’t get the best shot at that bull,” Justin McBride admitted. “He did an awesome job, I thought.” 88.50, even with the harassment designed to screw him up.
  • Past Time was blowing up in the chute, jerked the rope out of Guilherme Marchi’s hand, a rope had to be put across the bull’s head, and he still bucked up against it. Marchi was put on the clock.
  • Renato Nunes wasn’t even wrapped on Shepherd Hills Tested before they put him on the clock.
  • Markus Mariluch was put on the clock while I’m A Gangster Too was messing around in the chute; he didn’t get a clean out.
  • On Honey Hush, Alves was put on the clock so fast, I don’t think the judge bothered to look at the time; it was just automatic: Silvano’s up—put him on the clock.

In the next few posts, I’ll take a look at the more recent DQs and close calls (the ones we saw and the judges didn’t, and vice versa), .25 dings, over-scoring and underscoring, new faces, and words of wisdom (or not) from various cowboys. And whatever else pops up.


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6 Responses to Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

  1. closeobserver says:

    I wish Adriano Moraes would step up for our Brazilian boys! His voice would change the way they are being treated. If none of the BS were happening, Silvano Alves would’ve been crowned his 3rd World Champion!


    • I’d bet he already has, when the Brazilian riders “had a conversation with the PBR about the chute time situation,” as Leah Garcia put it. I can just imagine how that went: “You Brazilian guys better shape up or we’ll keep DQing you!” “In Brazil we don’t operate that way.” “Too bad–we’ll just keep scoring Silvano in the ‘70s and low ‘80s no matter how he rides.” “Shouldn’t you apply the same criteria to ALL the riders?” “No. We want JB Mauney to be World Champion.”

      Adriano’s walking a tightrope as it is: PBR pays him to be the link between Brazil and the U.S.A., but at least half the PBR hates the riders he brings up here, because they’re kicking our asses. A lot of people probably would be happy to see Adriano go away– never mind the fact that he opened the door to amazing talent that gave a shot of adrenaline to the sport, and made American cowboys step up their game.

      And yeah, if you follow the “storyline” for last year, you’ll see the underscoring, over-scoring, DQs, “ties,” and .25 dings that all added up to preventing Alves from winning his 3rd World Championship. The judges punished him with lousy scores to try to force him to take a re-ride, and as the year wore on, the scores they offered became even worse. As far as I’m concerned, he IS the three-time World Champion. (And once again, for the benefit of anyone who has reading comprehension problems no matter how many times I say it: none of this is JB’s fault. I have nothing against him.)


      • closeobserver says:

        I’m glad he spoke up. Adriano is the “MAN”! He’s the reason why I started watching PBR. He left a trail for his fellow Brazilian’s to follow, so now I enjoy watching every one of them ride. I met them numerous times at the PBR Finals, that’s the only reason I take my family to go watch. Yeah, it sucks with how they are being scored & treated but yet they are still kicking ASS! I hope Robson Palermo will be ready for the Finals, he’s due for a World Title.


      • I’m so jealous that you can go to the Finals! I would be beside myself if Palermo won the Championship– he’s my favorite rider–well, maybe tied with Marchi. It’s just amazing that Robson has won the event title 3x! He sure deserves a Championship.


  2. BullFan says:

    Not sure if you missed it but apparently at one event(minor leagues type, not sure if it was Velocity), Chase jumped up and down on his bull’s back when it didn’t let him get his leg down. No reaction from the PBR on this juvinile display. Personally he should have paid a fine and been booted off the tour, I can only imagine what sort of uproar there’d been if it had been a Brazilian.


    • Wow– missed that one. Definitely, Chase should’ve been fined. I wonder what the stock contractor had to say about Outlaw’s behavior.
      You’re right– if a Brazilian rider did that, he’d be kicked out of PBR a.s.a.p., with lots of negative headlines. We’d never hear the end of it.


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