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From the PBR website: “After riding Bruiser for 88.75 points to win Round 1 on Friday, [JR] Vieira almost put up an identical score in Saturday’s Round 2 by covering Crack the Whip for 88.5 points.”

Note the .25 ding.

Also from the PBR website: “Willingham missed the Built Ford Tough Series second-half opener in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last weekend after feeling lingering discomfort in his hip after a grisly wreck at the Newark, New Jersey, BlueDEF Velocity Tour event on June 28 that also gave him a concussion.”

This is exactly why I thought it was a dumb idea to have the BFTS guys do extra duty as “names” to pull audiences to Touring Pro and BlueDEF Velocity events. They have enough chances to wreck; they don’t need extra risk.


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6 Responses to Just Sayin’…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have been out of town for a couple weeks but it was recorded for me. Stunned isn’t even the right word…I don’t even remember where it was.
    Lambert is doing his best to fix the bulls, this is not the time to try the bulls out for the finals. Never have I seen such crappy bulls. He definatly is trying to get his favorites to qualify higher up. Why on earth wouldn’t he have lesser riders try them out, how crooked can he be. Many are getting hurt and we all know which ones he is trying to hurt. Silvano is hurt, Marchi, Polermo and a couple more. Now he has put good guy Mike Lee on the list also as he was riding to good.
    Oh my gosh I don’t understand how they are getting away with it.
    Gage Gay was DQ’d but they thought about it and figured just maybe he could change things so brought him back.
    I was so happy Valdiron is riding like he is again, love his smile.
    I just don’t know how they stand it and hang in there like they do. I am Portuguese also and can’t stand just watching it. Evidently they have just all decided to beat them at there own cheating game. Beats me.
    I loved your idea of putting mikes on all of them including Lambert and Shorty. Have never seen a prejudice bullfighter before either.
    Enough said it just upsets me so to see what is going on. Shut Hummer and Ty up.


    • The deal with Gage Gay actually was fair. I saw the event on PBR Live and on CBS Sports later, and what the broadcast didn’t explain (Hummer mentioned it in passing) was that there was a pretty long power failure in the arena. Flint got a lot of time to perform while they were trying to fix this.
      Gage apparently knew he’d been put on the clock, but because the clock inside the chute wasn’t working, he didn’t know how many seconds were passing, and the judge DQd him and hollered at him to get out of there. Gage didn’t challenge the call; he was upset, but he left and headed for the locker room. I felt sorry for him. Someone later explained to the judge what happened, and since it was a technical glitch rather than Gay trying to stall, they gave him another chance. It’s rare that the judges do the right thing.


    • Dang– I wrote a whole reply, and somehow it vanished! I wanted to say thanks– that’s one of the best comments I’ve received. So many of us are upset about how the PBR big shots treat Brazilian riders. The PBR are behaving like playground bullies who grew up to be gangsters. They can’t stand the fact that most of the Brazilian riders are better than most of the American riders, and instead of doing something to improve the Americans, they sabotage the Brazilians. They’re desperate to make an American win the Finals, like they did last year. Giving Silvano ridiculously low scores every time he rides is absolutely foul– if this were football or baseball or basketball or hockey, the judges would be fired and penalized for rigging games. Even horse racing is better regulated than bull riding.

      PBR gets away with it because:
      1) The riders have no union to stand up for them, and they’re afraid to try unionizing because they know the PBR will retaliate. There’s no grievance procedure.
      2) There’s no overseeing body. This is one reason why mainstream America doesn’t think bull riding is a sport– they think it’s the equivalent of an exhibition game, or fake wrestling.

      I agree that it’s a dumb idea to put in new bulls this late in the season. It’s bad for the riders, and it also affects the bulls’ standings. What if some debut bull happens to have a great out in Las Vegas, and Bushwacker happens to have an off day? Are they going to make the newbie Bull of the Year, instead of the bull who’s been at the top all year?

      You’re right, it is hard to watch. I love to watch the Brazilians ride and win, but it’s horrible to see how many times the PBR judges make sure they don’t. The Brazilians have shown tremendous dignity and sportsmanship in spite of how they’re treated. They’re setting an example for how REAL men should act. The PBR judges are weasels.


  2. Tired of being fan says:

    Another night of PBR in Nashville and another DQ of a Brazilian while Gage Gay and everyone else gets a free ride. Disgusting. Low score again for Alves. Come on PBR. Quit showing your biases.


  3. Wanda Deere (would prefer to remain anonymous) says:

    I’ve only been watching PBR since mid-season 2012. I noticed before I ever found your blog that the powers that be were slanted against the Brazilians. By the 2nd day of finals last year, I had to quit watching, with all the BS that was happening. There was never any doubt who was going to win, whatever they had to do. Anyway, what I would love to know, and maybe you can tell me, how is the draw set up? Most of the time it looks like JB’s bull is hand picked for him. Luckily, he still has to ride the bull, and frequently doesn’t. I watch all the Live events, and tape CBS Sports version. (So I can mute and fast forward thru CH’s blabbing). I couldn’t believe Friday night’s event in Thackerville when JB’s bull got a 42.5 (way over-rated) and they gave JB a 45.25 for riding him. I don’t have anything against JB, but PBR sure would be miore exciting if they would let him do it on his own.
    I never have commented on a blog before, as you can probably tell. Love yours tho.


    • Welcome to my world– it’s nice to know I’m not losing my mind alone. PBR has become so crooked in the past two years, it’s sickening. After Silvano took the two titles, they set JB up to win no matter what. They’re still doing it. They’re so racist, and so afraid the Brazilians are going to win all the time, they’re desperately coming up with more ways to shaft the Killer Bs.
      In the draw, bulls are supposed to be randomly assigned, but clearly they’re not. Austin Meier paired with Austin Nights? Ryan Dirteater paired with Red Man? Gimme a break. Someone who worked inside PBR for years told me that Cody Lambert handpicked bulls, and had regular meetings with judges to decide what was going to happen with the scoring. It’s never been more blatant.
      I’m almost glad I can’t see all the events–I’d be screaming even more than I do now. Two of the biggest disgraces I’ve seen in person were a Madison Square Garden event that Valdiron de Oliveira was about to win, thrown to Cody Nance, and this year, they made JB tie with Fabiano Vieira, because Fabiano was going to win the event. Ugh.
      I almost feel sorry for JB– they’re actually damaging his credibility by cheating on his behalf, and he has no control over it. It’s pretty insulting, that they don’t have enough faith in him winning on his own.
      I just heard more shit is happening in Nashville. At this point the judges hate Silvano so much, it looks like they’re going to score him in the 70s no matter what he does. This is their petty revenge because they don’t like how much time he takes in the chute. I don’t know what they have against Valdiron, though.


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