Nashville B.S.

From a disgruntled fan of bull riding (not me, though I am disgruntled):

“Another night of PBR in Nashville and another DQ of a Brazilian while Gage Gay and everyone else gets a free ride. Disgusting. Low score again for Alves. Come on PBR. Quit showing your biases.”

From me:

First night of Jack Daniels Invitational: 79.50 for Alves, 76.50 for de Oliveira. I didn’t see the event, but come on, boys–when has Valdiron turned in a crappy ride? We know PBR is gunning for Silvano, but what do they have against Valdiron? I’ll tune in on Sunday and see what damage has been done since Friday night.

Let’s see how PBR makes things happen. Here are the Round 2 drafts. Do we think this is all random?

JB Mauney bull was Prince Jake. In 7 outs, this is the bull’s story:

Current Ranking  1230th
Historical Ranking  3118th
Power Ranking  unranked

Do we think he’ll be able to ride that bull?

Gage Gay’s bull: Marty, who’s been out once this year, and scored 21.25. Yeah, that’s a challenge.

Mike Lee: Redbone. 5 outs,

Current Ranking  553rd
Historical Ranking  1499th
Power Ranking  unranked

Cody Nance: Hot & Juicy. 19 outs,

Current Ranking  948th
Historical Ranking  2476th
Power Ranking  1024th

Let’s see what creampuff bulls those sissy Brazilians were given:

Guilherme Marchi: King Lopez. 49 outs,

Current Ranking  30th
Historical Ranking  175th
Power Ranking  141st

Silvano Alves: Delco. 43 outs,

Current Ranking  85th
Historical Ranking  395th
Power Ranking  511th

Marco Eguchi: Modified Clyde. 28 outs,

Current Ranking  151st
Historical Ranking  557th
Power Ranking  1216th

Emilio Resende: Bad to the Bone. Only 7 outs, but–

Current Ranking  67th
Historical Ranking  333rd
Power Ranking  unranked

Claudio Crisostomo: Who Dat. 46 outs,

Current Ranking  146th
Historical Ranking  545th
Power Ranking  583rd

Joâo Ricardo Vieira: Dracula. Only 8 outs, but:

Current Ranking  319th
Historical Ranking  962nd
Power Ranking  unranked

The two surprises, to me, were Renato Nunes matched with Roar, whose record is less than stellar, and Valdiron with RMEF Gone Huntin’, a debut bull. I’m thinking, Renato is losing confidence again (he feels his feelings and forgets that he has a gold buckle) and somebody’s gambling on Valdiron’s bull being of the same caliber as the other RMEF bulls. Fabiano Vieira got Skid Row Joe, but I can’t tell you anything about the bull because there are two with that name in the ProBullStats records, neither of which seems to belong to Dakota Rodeo / Chad Berger / Clay Struve/Joe Rose, who are listed as owners on the PBR website.

I think the facts pretty much set the b.s. straight.

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10 Responses to Nashville B.S.

  1. S. says:

    I’d be interested in a breakdown for the Nevada event– there were some 44 pointers in the long go, but a bunch of guys were getting really low scores, so the bull power can’t have been all that even (I don’t have PBR Live so all I know about the un-televised long go is are the scores). I believe Guilherme Marchi got stuck on Boot Jack, who’s a 44+ pointer who has ejected Marchi at least once before.


  2. Elizabeth Butterfield says:

    I am a lady believe it or not, a 73 yr. old one. Have been around the horn a few times. All I have to say this time is what BS.
    I can’t believe Ty Murray letting this go on.
    No wonder Randy Bernard quit.
    Don’t know what I would without you, I thought I was all alone for a lot of years.
    Thanks for seeing through it all.


    • It’s never too late to say, “B.S.”! Thousands of bull riding fans agree with us, and I truly appreciate your message. (Can you imagine how many Brazilian fans are thinking the same thing?) Since Spire Capital took over the organization, Ty has no power. Even when he says a judge’s call was wrong, and we see it on the replay, they’re not going to listen. The people who have turned PBR into a farce are Sean Gleason (Chief Operating Officer), Jim Haworth (Chief Executive Officer), Cody Lambert (Director of Livestock), Jeff Shearer (replay judge), and most of the other judges, with occasional exceptions when they have a burst of sanity. It’s a disgrace. Imagine if this were happening in baseball!
      Thanks for seeing through it with me!


  3. closeobserver says:

    Exactly!! That’s why Silvano didn’t win the event! The judges give him an automatic low score (except the Championship Round – about time). He lost by 2.75 points! If its not DQ’ing him, there’s another way of keeping him from winning! I’m glad he’s not getting discourage but he’s continuing to ride his bulls. GO SILVANO! Another reason for me to watch Silvano win his 4th World Championship! See you in Vegas!


  4. Tired of being fan says:

    If you are an American and spend too much time in the chute you get to “reset and rewrap”. If you are from Brazil you get placed on the clock and the get DQ.


  5. Bobby Clower says:



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