Laughlin, NV 15-15 Bucking Battle 9-20-14

Good thing this broadcast was only an hour long. It really wasn’t exciting.  The event was worth double points, and Bushwacker was the bounty bull. Well, I guess that $25K bonus is safe. Does Bushwacker get to keep it?

Before I talk about the Bucking Battle:

Wow—could the PBR World Finals agenda be any clearer? Round 1 results show João Ricardo Vieira, #1 in the world standings, with a 64; Fabiano Vieira, world #2, with 51.25, and Silvano Alves, world #4, with 72.75. Clever: keep the threats down in the bubble-zone with a parade of non-Brazilians in the Top 10 (except for Marco Eguchi, whom they haven’t started hating yet). I’ll have to look up some videos of those supposedly terrible rides and prepare to be amazed.

And now to the broadcast:

  • Ty Murray is back, giving us some relief from Justin McBride.
  • More pounding at us about JB and the world title. I don’t think anyone’s real excited about his chances at this point.
  • More referring to riders as “the Brazilian,” but never “the American” or “the Canadian.” Re the two Vieiras: Hummer informs us that they have “no relation other than being Brazilian.” Jeez, they’re not krazy-glued at the hip, guy. Maybe we should also be told which riders have no relation to one another other than being American. So far I’ve not heard “American L.J. Jenkins” or “Canadian Matt Triplett.” Speaking of which, we haven’t heard from Canadianaaronroy lately.
  • But guess what: there’s a new Bad Boy Mowers bimbo, wearing more clothes. Still the same stinky delivery, though.


Loved the sensational Bushwacker photos—that guy puts out 1000%. If they haven’t already, PBR should publish a book of his best moments, and a video, DVD, and app. Drools Hummer, “Bushwacker heads for Las Vegas and puts what he hopes is an exclamation point on his career.” Dude, I don’t think the bull knows one punctuation mark from another.

Marchi didn’t look thrilled to be going up against him again. (Bushwacker, not Hummer.) Guilherme’s riding percentage is 50%, but that means squat when you’re talking about the heavyweight champion of the world. As Ty pointed out, “If his brains don’t get you, his strength will.” Marchi was a goner in 4.88 seconds, but the bull received his lowest score: 43. Guess he didn’t have to try hard enough.


Why were so many bulls bucking so close to the gate? Stage fright?


Nothing much happened during this event except a lot of energetic buckoffs. After Chase Outlaw scored 89.50 by not falling for Southpaw’s big forward movement, the bull’s record was now 3 for 20. Chase took the lead and stayed there. Was the plan to overscore Outlaw up front, to make it harder for others to catch him?

Percolator sent Emilio Resende tumbling quickly. Surprisingly, Beaver Creek Beau bucked off JB Mauney. Raven Flyer gave Marco Eguchi an instant tumble; this is Marco’s 3rd event with no score. LJ Jenkins couldn’t tame Stone Sober; the bull’s first ass-flip sent him head over heels, and earned the highest bull score of the night: 46.50.

Ty and I thought a re-ride mighta been in order for Eduardo Aparecido, when Wicked bucked backward out of the gate, then kept hopping high, but an 86 doesn’t suck; he took third place. Matt Triplett’s 3rd time on Mr. Bull was not the charm. The buckoff caused Matt a “moment” on his way back into the chute.

I have a problem listening to everything the commentators say about Cody Nance never giving up, etc., because all I can think of is his spurs and how they may have contributed to his being a three-time “winner” this season. Regardless, the way Margy Time dumped him against the chute gave him a serious clunk on the head.


I’m A Gangster Too was a complete mess in the chute, fussing and lurching under Mike Lee. Just for extra thrills, the gate started to open while this was happening. Oops! Dangerous screw-up. However, the selectively generous judges gave Mike plenty of time to re-wrap and get settled. Not a clock in sight.


Semper Fi, son of Little Yellow Jacket, got a bit hung up in the chute; I think João Ricardo Vieira was fouled, but Ty said all the hang-up did was affect Vieira’s timing. Or did it change the trajectory of the ride, in which case a re-ride should’ve been offered? Guess we’ll just have to wait until a video is posted either on the PBR website or YouTube. Sometimes the “bootleg” videos show up faster.


This is one time I wanted to strangle Silvano. He departed Walk Off at 7.83, when his ride had been looking so great. Did he stop because he slapped the bull? Did think he heard the bell?? He challenged the call, to no use. You let that one get away from you, Silvano! After all I’ve done for you…


Fabiano’s still being careful with his shoulder. His previous ride on Fire & Smoke looked like a 90, masquerading as an 87.50. This time, if he came up with more than Chase’s 89.50, he’d take the event, so just to bug him, the judge put him on the clock. It didn’t tank him. After his 88.25 ride, which put him in second place, he and Flint low-fived each other. Cute.

“Bulls don’t know when the whistle blows.”—Ty Murray.



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15 Responses to Laughlin, NV 15-15 Bucking Battle 9-20-14

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Upon looking back I see where Paolo Crimber is now a judge, when did they slip him in?
    They must be reading your column as Crimber is a Brazilian rider from long ago whom was severely injured. He tried a come back but couldn’t make it. Interesting…
    Keep up the great investigative column.


    • They sneak him in every once in a while so they can say they hired a Brazilian judge. What they really need is a mixture: one from each country represented in the event. They know that even if Crimber tries to give fair scores, he’ll be squashed if his numbers aren’t in line with theirs. A few years ago PBR punished Jeff Shearer, believe it or not, because his numbers were too different from the rest of the judges. I don’t remember which event or who the rider in question was, but it’s the only time I’ve heard of such a thing happening. the story may still be on their website.
      What they really need is a formal checklist of each requirement, to compare to what the rider and bull deliver; then personal opinion or prejudice wouldn’t enter into the scoring. That would be fair, but I’m sure they don’t want fairness. Supposedly they have one, and I vaguely recall seeing a photo of a judge’s clipboard, but that pretty much means nothing if they all communicate with one another and decide on whatever scores they want to give. If each judge individually had to score according to a checklist, and had no communication with the others, maybe the scores would be fairer. But when the last score lags way behind the others, it’s pretty damned suspicious. I bet they’ve all got their calculators out to decide what score to give, to pick who’ll go to the top of the leaderboard or win the event . That way, it’s easy to push Americans up past the Brazilian blockade.

      Thanks for your comment!


      • S. says:

        It was, unsurprisingly, a score that benefited J.B. Mauney that got Shearer censured. It was at Sacramento a few years ago. Elliott Jacoby was poised to win his first event, and then Shearer gave out a score that was so far out of line with the other judges, which slotted him just below Mauney. Ty Murray went kind of ballistic on the broadcast, and the fans went nuts.

        Unsurprisingly, we have barely heard a peep from this Rules and Regs Committee since, including when even Cody Lambert was calling out the bizarro-world scoring on Silvano’s 69-point ride at the finals.

        I also enjoyed when Hummer took us backstage during one of the PurePBR broadcasts to show all the scores coming in at once… that didn’t come in all at once.

        The PBR has utterly failed to address any of the underlying judging issues since 2010, to all outward appearances. Lovely.


  2. Tired of being fan says:

    Mike Lee..the christian athlete…praise the Lord…dumped his first wife…God, apple pie and the American Flag.


  3. Carole Anne Cleland says:

    Matt Triplett got robbed in Laughlin-7.99, a super ride! If he had been one of the PBR’s celebrity riders-they’d have given him a 90+ ride. Flashpoint-am I the only idiot left in the stands that doesn’t know that the PBR doesn’t drug test maturity bulls? Correct me if I’m wrong!


    • S. says:

      Welcome to the land of mystery and imagination with your question.

      There was a big to-do about testing in 2008, when supposedly the PBR started a drug testing program, although who knows if they ever actually implemented anything. They certainly didn’t trumpet it to the world like they did their new “program.”

      There was a meltdown in Thackerville in 2011, where even though the PBR warned stock contractors they were going to test at the event, (at least) one bull tested positive for steroids.

      See this and the two other articles in the series:

      The PBR has, at least to the public, remained alarmingly silent, although I have seen rumblings online about further testing here and there at events. They still have not named the offender, and the way they went about the testing seemed to be, well… to be very generous, not that way I’d do it if I wanted the results to stand up to scrutiny.

      As far as the registry organizations, I believe the UBBI unveiled new rules with some pretty firm punishments. Last time I checked, ABBI had not.

      As you can imagine, there’s definitely some resentment amongst the ranks about the possibility that the ABBI and the PBR just don’t want to see a problem, so they put the blinders on and ta-da! They aren’t seeing it. Since the members of the public are pretty much totally in the dark on this, who knows? I know that I am pretty hesitant to believe the PBR just because they say so.

      Maybe someone who has some more insider info will chime in.


      • I remember reading an interview with the one contractor who got punished with a fine. He wasn’t a big contractor, and was resentful that they picked on him to make an example of, when other guys were doing the same thing and could’ve afforded the fines. He wasn’t named. And then the story went away.

        The fact that only the Stephenville newspaper reported on the story was completely suspect; that’s like bull riding central, with lots of “name” riders living there, and plenty of bulls for practice. The paper sure doesn’t want to offend their only claim to fame, and be denied access to Ty Murray and other guys, so they do a mild report, PBR responds halfheartedly, finds a scapegoat, and the issue goes away because they make it sound like it’s been dealt with permanently; let’s move on.

        If anyone could get interviews with trainers or former trainers who remain anonymous, I wonder what we’d hear about steroids.


      • Carole Anne Cleland says:

        PBR is the “Lance Armstrong story” of bull bucking-I’d like to see them monitored from outside the industry. Indeed, a small contractor can be made a scapegoat which gives the appearance of self-monitoring, so you will never see a big contractor popped for roids. Not saying that all contractors do this but roids drop semen levels, like in human athletes. Therefore, It’s easy to understand that a contractor collects their good bulls before they risk a permanent injury-that makes sense, it’s also a prudent strategy for what will be a lower semen yield after retirement, if the bull has been on steroids. Can be a lengthy process for the semen levels to return to normal


  4. closeobserver says:

    RIDICULOUS 1ST ROUND SCORES FOR THE #1, #2 & #4 RIDERS IN THE WORLD!!! I thought these bulls are suppose to be the Best of the Best since it is the “PROFESSIONAL BULL RIDING”! PBR is always coming up with new tactics to keep from any of the Brazilian boys winning the World Title! They know they won’t take the re-ride so they just give them very very low scores!

    Cody Nance – Yes, the real reason why he’s staying on his bulls is because his spurs are holding him in place(he’s got his spurs hooked in the rope while it’s coming out of the chutes)! Come on PBR, use the replay…..its very obvious, clear as day!!!!


    • All that guff Ty Murray spouts about Nance trying so hard and never letting go– Cody can’t let go because half the time he’s got his spurs in those knots. As he’s getting bucked off or dismounting, there’s one foot that stays stuck to the bull while Cody’s heading for the dirt. The judges have been ignoring this for months; PBR desperately wants Cody and Mike Lee in the Top 5 at the Finals. They’re obviously willing to go to any lengths to crush the Brazilian riders; it’s despicable.


  5. Just curious says:

    Did I miss something, or suffer a senior moment? I did not see Valdiron’s ride on the CBS Sport’s broadcast. I know they criticize him constantly, since he’s only 19th in the standings, but darn, Pound the Alarm had the second highest bull score.


    • I must’ve had the same moment– they probably had Valdiron ride during a commercial. God forbid they should show us what happened. In terms of bull scores, Pound the Alarm actually tied for 4th with Beaver Creek Beau. Ahead of them were I’m A Gangster Too, Stone Sober, and Margy Time.


  6. T Baker says:

    Aaron Roy is still recovering from the severe injuries. Unless the riders/family send information, the PBR doesn’t really update. I think the judges have given certain Brazilian riders slightly more fair scores(if they aren’t in contention or if they’re a favored rider like Joao). They’re still harassing only a few Brazilian riders, and never putting most US riders on the clock no matter what. Rerides for US riders. And a challenge is given to the US rider, but turned down for Brazilian riders. The comments about how JB can still win it, but Joao “needs to learn to ride to his off hand” or whatever they can pull out of their butts IF he bucks off was old already. I loved seeing Renato and a couple other Brazilian riders who made vague comments about just making sure they’re ready to ride, and safe, instead of rushing when they’re put on the clock. It seems they’re avoiding the DQ by a few seconds AND in interviews managing to infer they’re only trying to be safe, which of course implies the judges are pushing them in a unsafe way. Go them!


    • You said it! Remember the shock waves when Pistol Robinson was put on the clock? That was practically headline news. Silvano being put on the clock is like the daily weather report. Another rotten strategy the judges use is to give Brazilian riders unthinkably low scores and the option for a re-ride, knowing that most of them won’t take a re-ride, so they’ll earn fewer points and slip down in the rankings. It’s extremely rare that the judges give an American (or Canadian or Australian) rider a choice between a terrible score and a re-ride. I’ve seen a couple of riders being given a choice between a score in the 80s and a re-ride–and when they turn down a re-ride, it’s no big deal. When a Brazilian rider turns down a re-ride, the commentators and Shorty Gorham make disparaging remarks, as if the riders are “chicken.”

      My hat is off to the Brazilian riders who continue to show good sportsmanship and gracious behavior in the face of the kind of treatment that would make me punch a few faces. They keep their eyes on their goal, which is to support their families and create a better life for their children– not to put down American riders.


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