Neil Holmes is here

You’ve heard me talk about Neil Holmes making his PBR BFTS debut; now read an interview with him in The Huffington Post:

About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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2 Responses to Neil Holmes is here

  1. Brigittte says:

    Yes Neil Holmes is showing up and showing out. Im from Cleveland, Tx and I know him. But, what I found out this week is I am related to one of the first. I am the niece of Clarence Allan Gonzales.WOW


    • Wow, is right! I mentioned him in a post I wrote in July 2013 about cowboys of color. Apparently he was the first back cowboy to ride in Madison Square Garden. If you can tell us anything about him, I’d love to put it on my blog.


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