During the PBR rider’s meeting at Baltimore this weekend, it was once again discussed about the Brazilian Rope. It was said the Brazilian rope hurts the bulls.We have been hearing bad things about the Brazilian rope for years and I never said anything. But today I decided to talk what I think about it.
I’ve been riding with the Brazilian rope since I started to ride in Brazil over 15 years ago and I never saw or heard about a bull being injured because of it. It was said during the meeting that someone did a research and found evidences of bulls being hurt because of our rope. I completely disagree with that and would like to see proven results of it. I have a bucking arena and practice bulls at my house and would like this person to come over and to prove to myself his findings.
It is very frustrating to hear every weekend bad stuffs about us Brazilian. Some people are always complaining about something, about our rope, how we pull our rope, how long we take in the chutes, etc. we are not not here in the US to hurt anyone’s bull or do anything wrong. We are here to ride bulls at the best championship in the world and to provide a better life to our family.
Every year they change something because of us. This weekend we were notified we have to try a new bull rope pad they developed, assuming the Brazilian ropes are not going to “hurt” the bulls anymore. We are ok with using it even though I don’t think it will change anything since I strongly believe The Brazilian rope does not hurt bulls. It can be American rope, Brazilian rope, it doesn’t matter which one, it will not hurt the bull.
People still say bulls doesn’t buck hard with us. What everyone needs to understand, we Brazilians have a different riding style than most Americans. We use more strength to ride it, on our legs, our arms, everywhere.
I’m open to discuss that subject with anyone at anytime. I’m just trying to change the way people think about the Brazilians.
Sorry if I am offending anyone, I am just giving my opinion on something that we have been judged for years.

Readers: Please let Robson know that millions of bullriding fans agree with him, and that we know Brazilian riders are being mistreated. We also know why: they’ve proven that they’re the best bull riders in the world, and the PBR executives don’t like it. It was brave of him to speak out, and brave of Silvano to talk about the criticism he received all last year. I hope they keep speaking out!

For an excellent analysis of how the new points system affected the results of the PBR’s Baltimore event this weekend, see
You’ll be gob-smacked, as the British say.

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  1. Brian says:

    Robson is a neighbor and friend of mine. I can testify to his character. He is the most hard working, humble man I have ever met. Some of these comments talking about not paying taxes or following US rule is ridiculous. The Palermos pay their taxes and follow all rules of our country along with being proud of being a citizen. Brazilian ropes are not much different from Americans rope except for the direction they are put on the bulls. They in no way injure the animal. That is foolish and uniformed to assume otherwise.


    • I heartily agree! He was wonderful to interview. Those ignoramuses who think the Brazilians are here to take the money and run make me sick. These guys bust their asses to take care of their families, they pay taxes in two countries, not one of them has ever been in trouble with the law, they put up with the racism of the PBR and a lot of its fans–and they always behave like gentlemen. (But I really loved when Renato used to tell people off and I loved when Silvano spoke his mind!)
      I wish the PBR wouldn’t make them feel like they have to choose between being Brazilian and being American in order to ride in the PBR.


  2. Gwen Robbins says:

    You are riding bulls in America. When you ride in America you follow the rules regardless of what you think or feel. When we go to your country we have to follow whatever rules or laws exist. I had a foreign exchange student from Rio de Janeiro and I had to sit him down and tell him “When in Rome you do as the Romans do”. Are you and the other Brazilian riders paying taxes on the money you win? If you are you have a right to complain. If not #+-&+@.


    • They do pay taxes, both here and in Brazil. And they do follow the rules. But they are allowed to say anything they want. This is America, which has a Constitution, the First Amendment of which guarantees freedom of speech. The PBR doesn’t want riders to say anything but the company line. However, some people have a mind of their own.


  3. Ricardo Alverez says:

    Brazilians are not mistreated in pbr. Ignorant. In the last 15-16 years, Brazilians have won world championship of pbr 8 times!! Ya real unfair. Quit complaining about nothing.


    • Who’s ignorant? The people who see what goes on, or the ones who choose not to see it? Nobody is imagining the prejudice. it is real, and it shows in the scoring, in the way the Brazilian riders are treated in the chute, and the commentary at events. If they win the World Championship in spite of the negativity they encounter, tt only proves what great riders they are. And since the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, they can say anything they want, even if the PBR doesn’t like it. They kept quiet long enough.


  4. t.jackson says:

    I never thought I would be such a big PBR fan but it is because of the Brazillians that I enjoy it. Ian a American but to watch the brazillians ride they are passionate. humble and good sportsman they help each other and that is were they will always stay ahead of others because they do not take winning for granted


  5. pazle says:

    There are new judges, give up on the J.B. scoring. It is going to be interesting how Silvano ends up on the new point system.


  6. Craig Nieblas says:

    I am amazed at the blatant discrimination shown towards the Brazailians by the PBR. It is dispicable! The changing of the championship point structure and then the judging which took place in the short round at Baltimore proved that all of these changes are structured to try and inhibit the Brazialians from taking all of the cash home, primarily Silvano Alves. If any other American rider would have ridden Yo Yo in the short round they would have handed him the books! Silvano should have won that round by two points and I actually felt sorry for Cody Lambert as he was eating crow at the end of the broadcast.


    • I thought I was hearing things when Lambert said Silvano should’ve gotten 90 points instead of 88, and that the judges weren’t doing their jobs. He flip-flops a lot in his opinions, but I’m glad that one was on tape!

      Yeah, it’s disgusting what a bunch of crybabies the PBR bosses are. They can’t win a fair fight, so they fight dirty.


  7. Jinx says:

    They been doing that every since Tuff left , It’s Lambert doing it !


  8. closeobserver says:

    I’m with you and millions others are, Mr. Palermo! You guys are the only reason why I watch PBR! Low scores have always been an issue, I believe that’s why they change the “Point System”! No matter how much of a better ride you guys make, they give low scores. But if JB Mauney rides a lesser bull, he automatically gets in the 90’s. Every year they try to find ways to beat you guys by changing up things but that never fazed you guys. You guys ride with “strength & balance” while the others hook their spurs as they are coming out of the chutes. Cody Nance did that this weekend…..well he does that every weekend but judges ignore the obvious!
    I’m glad you spoke up, millions of us tried but nothing happen. Now I hope PBR gets the message on what they are doing.
    Keep your head up and keep on riding. We are all rooting for you! God Bless!


  9. T Baker says:

    I’d love to tell him that I’m with him in being disgusted with the harassment of Brazilian riders, the constant whinging about “soaking bulls” and people saying they pull the bullropes too tight and nonsense. Even after Ty Murray said “You can only pull a rope so tight” defending that the Brazilians don’t pull their ropes any tighter, I still see people saying it.


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