PBR website ignores last year’s NYC “co-winner”: Fabiano Vieira

Go to the PBR website. Click on Schedule, then BFTS, then Monster Energy BuckOff, then Get Tickets. Whose face is on that page, listed as last year’s winner of the Madison Square Garden event? Guess. Do I have to say his name? (to quote Bruce Springsteen)

I was at that Championship Sunday, and the judges declared Fabiano Vieira and JB tied. The reality: they did one of their famous .25 anti-Brazilian dings to give J.B. a leg up. (Not JB’s fault.) In my book (and a lot of other peoples’, judging by the reaction in the Garden), Fabiano was the only winner of that event. The judges just couldn’t stand to have that happen.

So now the PBR has posted its revisionist history on its website. Despicable. All the people who don’t know any better will believe that J.B. was the 2014 winner in NYC. There were “two” winners: Fabiano Vieira was the first.

I wonder how they’ll fix things tomorrow.


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14 Responses to PBR website ignores last year’s NYC “co-winner”: Fabiano Vieira

  1. Jim says:

    I hope the PBR does not adopt the “team” aspect that Jared Allen is doing. This is not a team sport other than sponsorship. Don’t get me wrong, he does good for charity etc. I don’t dislike him. But please don’t say riders are Team Jared and hire a coach ???
    It will ruin the sport. If he wants a team he has one in the NFL. I doesn’t work in the PBR.

    I never competed at this level but I competed. Teams will ruin this sport and can cause questions around the ligitamacy of the sport and rides.


    • I’m wondering how the team idea could possibly work unless it’s a sponsor’s “team,” but I don’t think Cooper Tires vs. Jack Daniel’s-type events would be good for the sport. That kind of thing might be fine for a fun exhibition event that has no bearing on points and is not part of the regular season. I do like the idea of coaches, at the very least because then we wouldn’t have to listen to Ty Murray tell us what everybody’s doing wrong. 🙂 A coach might be good for helping someone out of a slump, or getting a new guy off the ground (no pun intended!), but I’d hate to see the day when we hear Craig Hummer talking about “the Americans’ coach” and “the Brazilians’ coach.” That would just create more divisiveness within the sport.


      • Jim says:

        Agree, not against individual coaches and honestly coaching goes on now and has been going on for some time. But to have a “team” coach? Nope. I have to know the sport is pure and the only way is to have each man for himself when he climbs aboard.


      • Sigh. I wish the sport was pure, but as we’ve seen, the PBR has problems with that concept.


      • Jim says:

        Like any sport. I think the idea of teams as you said would be a good event for exhibition. Involve the sponsors but don’t cut it up geographically. I would rather see team Tyson vs Team Monster that US vs Brazil !!! We all know how the later would end 🙂


  2. Jim says:

    The PBR website is consistently wrong. I can see for some of the bottom riders or bulls but the have Marchi weight at 5’11lbs and Hippy at 1500lbs.

    Many of the stats on Bulls are wrong as far as % etc…


    • For more accurate statistics, I’d check the ProBullStats website. That bull thing is probably because it was a hassle to get the bulls weighed and record the correct numbers. I’m sure an email blast to the contractors could’ve provided them with at least half the information they needed. Any high school kid who knows her/his way around a website could enter the numbers for them.


  3. esther says:

    The 2015 PBR World Champion Silvano Alves talks with Jason Hetland

    Do you think the fix is in or are they just clairvoyant? 🙂


  4. NBELK says:

    Where’s Shorty Gorham fit the start of the 2015 season?


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