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I’m just as shocked as you are, but PBR has put out the word through the Herdies Facebook page (rather than throw itself to the wolves in other less safe locations) that people can send in their ideas about what types of merchandise they’d like PBR to sell. Send to: SGold@pbr.com

I’ve already said that we need tee shirts with Brazilian riders on them. Put another way, tee shirts with the last few World Champions on them. (In all different sizes, not just shirts made for big guys with beer bellies. Half the bullriding fans are women, and some of us are small.)

Now I’ve got a further inspiration: “character” rider tee shirts:
1) A Ben Jones shirt, with a picture of him dancing, and the headline, “Dance, Ben, Dance!” or “Everybody Dance Now!”
2) A Mike Lee shirt with a photo of him on his victory lap, that says, “Run, Mike, Run!”
3) A Renato Nunes shirt that says, “Flip out!” Naturally the photo would be of him in mid-flip.
4) A Silvano Alves shirt that says, “Cool runnin’s” (although I don’t know how many people would get the allusion).
5) A J.B. Mauney shirt that says, “Aw, shucks.” The photo would have to be one of him looking all sweet and dimply. (On the back is where you put the picture of Bushwacker slinging him around like a rag doll.)
6) I know he’s retired, but a lot of people would wear a Luke Snyder tee shirt titled “Mr. Congeniality.”

It’d also be nice if they issued belt buckles with individual bulls or riders on them. Probably too expensive, though.

Now, if the PBR comes up with any of these, you heard it here first, folks. Yes, once again, I’m giving away my ideas.

P.S. The only thing you could put on a Guilherme Marchi tee shirt would be, “Hunk.”


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9 Responses to PBR Merchandise

  1. I hauled the hay, bedding into Cheyenne Frontier Days , 82-83. Don Brown Lieutenant , Cheyenne PD.Contracted ,W university Wyoming to furnish the Rodeo .WE PULLED A 45 FOOT FLATBED WITH AN OLD INTERNATIONAL 5 SPEED TWO SPEED SPLITTER , Got snowed in down Goshen hole, LOADING BAILS ,i HAD TO BORROW DNR. D-8 CATERPILLAR TO PUSH RIG UP OUT OF THAT HOLLOW, STILL HAD TO DROP LOAD TO GET US OUT ME ,DON,AND
    Soled Hats,Boots, vests for Buck-n-Bum Western out of Syracuse NY. We had 3 semi trailers full of product right at front entrance of grounds The last weekend of the 83 event I set up and sold breakfast to the cowboys last two mornings right at the entrance gate to rodeo grounds.
    Charlie Daniels Band and crew came by bought mess of straw hats , we did a show with foot steamers while shaping hats for customers.
    This was in my early 20,s just back from.overseas duty station.
    The most fun and excitement I have had since,
    I have been riding steele bulls , horses whatever ya call em now, Prob. own over 150 shirts jeans and chaps sets with Harley Logos, but in my opinion (I love the bulls,) Love their spirit and really!! how would this profession survive and entertain without the quality of these so called dumb animals . Guess again ,, They are a wonder of animal kingdom and enjoy the moments after the ride as much as while riders are on their backs , sides , heads and ground!!!
    This is my first visit to this or any PBR WEBSITE, But I would trade all my overpriced Harley T-shirts for a dozen with the (top Bulls in their best air and swing moves) and their (Brand across the scene,) Bulls only ??.Maybe a unanimous ad free clothed rider, with an old style fringe vest and Stetson, Bailey, Resistal Hats and rattlesnake bands.
    Do any websites exist that allow you to research and follow the Bulls career,s
    Anyone out there present at either of the Frontier days Rodeo,s I listed .
    You may well have bought a hat and or band form me or one of the crew.Or hot coffee and breakfast fried egg and bacon sandwich. Love Expo, shows handled fresh lemonade stands and rides for fair goers
    Fell in love about 100 times a night through those events , what a blast we setup V-Camp right on grounds and spent every minute of the events out in it unless out on a hay run.
    The Denver hill south of town on 25 boarder use to be Centennial CLUB BACK THEN.
    H.Angels did some security or in some way took over the downtown area bikes in hotel rooms
    and that was part of working for Don , HE WAS THE LAW AND THAT MAN WAS A TRUE COWBOY IMO!!


    • Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at the merchandise vendor’s life. Just want to make one thing clear, though: this blog isn’t affiliated with the PBR at all. The only reason there’s so much information about them is that they’re on TV more than the PRCA or CBR, and have events in the Northeast U.S. (They should come to the Syracuse Fair, shouldn’t they?) The most recent post here is about the PRCA & CBR World Champion; I’m trying to put more variety on the blog.

      People would love more tee shirts with bulls on them. Right now, PBR sells Bushwacker tee shirts and a Buck Dynasty tee. As for riders, there’s a J.B. Mauney hoodie. Those are the items on the PBR website “store.” At events, there are more tee shirts, but in the past couple of years I haven’t seen anything beyond J.B. and Bushwacker shirts. I’m pretty sure people also would buy shirt with an unnamed rider on it–chaps, Resistol, and all.

      For detailed information on bull and rider careers, ProBullStats is the one. They’ve got all the stats.

      Thanks for posting!

      I’d say there’s a huge opportunity to sell tee shirts, hoodies, and caps with other bulls and riders on them. I know that Robson Palermo and Douglas Duncan sell their own type of shirts or hoodies from a different website; people can get Palermo shirts through his Facebook page.


  2. saraht says:

    I love your ideas! Did you post them on the Herdies page or send them into the PBR? I’d like to see a Guilherme t-shirt for sure. I think Robson Palermo should be able to sell his logo at an event. It;s awesome. I bought a hoodie from him. What the PBR doesn’t realize is that there are large numbers of Brazilian fans that attend the events. They, in addition to countless American fans would jump at the chance to buy a rider shirt.


    • Thanks! I mentioned just the World Champion tee shirts (and belt buckles) on the Herdies page, and sent all the ideas to the PBR guy. I’d buy a Robson Palermo item– I just couldn’t think of what slogan to put on it, other than “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride” (which also could be used for Valdiron and Fabiano), but that would be insulting. Where and how did you get a hoodie from him??

      The PBR never does its marketing homework; it certainly hasn’t occurred to them that Brazilians would buy things. They were so in the dark that the PR guy once said to me, “Did you know there are Portuguese language media, and there are Brazilians in the Northeast?” I told him yes, and I can tell you the names of the streets they live on, the bakery they go to, and the church they attend, on Cape Cod. Clueless twit.


      • S. says:

        Palermo ranch gear: http://www.athleteoriginals.com/shop-by-athlete/robson-palermo.html?cat=111

        What happened to Apex Brasil? Are they still a sponsor?


      • I assume it’s okay with you if I put the link for Robson’s merchandise on my Facebook page, right?

        I haven’t been paying attention to the logos on the fences; I’ve been too aggravated by the idiotic new points system. I’ll keep my eyes open. It would be interesting (and not in a good way) if they disappeared. I hope they haven’t.


      • S. says:

        Go for it. I’m sure Robson Palermo would like all the press and kickback $ he can get.

        I don’t see it on their scrolling thing, so they might be out. The PBR did pick up Sonic, which is definitely more mainstream. That makes about two sponsors that I would consider buying anything from…


  3. Bobby Clower says:

    Does anybody really care ?


    • You’d be surprised. There are a lot of loyal PBR fans out there with even more ideas (not as funny, of course). There are plenty of Bushwacker tee shirts, but people want rider tee shirts. I wouldn’t mind a couple myself; I just don’t want to be wearing a giant PBR logo.


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