Cowboy Up? Guest Post by Rosinette

Cowboy Up?

by Rosinette

PBR’s announcement that J.B. Mauney had opted not to compete at the Kansas City Event stated, “J.B. will take the week off to rest a bruised left groin and pelvis sustained back in New York.”

A few days later, Leah Garcia asked J.B. Mauney on Twitter how he was feeling.  He tweeted, “feeling okay.  just wanna take this weekend off to heal up. No plans for next weekend just wanna get on bulls.”  Fan replies were entirely supportive and included advising him to stay healthy and heal up.

Leah also asked her Twitter followers to voice their opinions about J.B. not competing at the Kansas City event.  Again, the replies were supportive of his decision. For example, one Twitter user’s reply simply said, “Good idea,” and another said, “He knows what is best.”

I totally agree.  J.B. made an informed decision based on what he believed was best for himself and his long-term plan for this season and beyond.  In other words, he’s looking at the big picture. Why risk further injury when there were still 20 events left to the BFTS season?

So I ask, What’s the difference between J.B. choosing to take a week off and Silvano Alves choosing not to take a re-ride? Is there anything wrong with simply taking a week off while other riders dealing with injuries are still competing?  Shouldn’t J.B. “cowboy up” (to use a term many PBR fans use as justification for why Silvano should take re-rides)?

No.  Neither of these extremely talented riders should put himself in a position to jeopardize his health and, in turn, his career.  It’s no secret that Silvano’s stellar winnings correlate to his ability to stay healthy.  Being healthy is key to being able to win.  They both know it, and both are smart enough to see the big picture with their long-term health and careers in mind.

In fact, this type of decision-making exists across all professional sports.  So why is there such disdain and vitriol from fans and PBR commentators when Silvano declines a re-ride? (Looking at you, J.Dub, Ty, Shorty, and Cody Lambert.)

Riders are well within their rights to exercise these options. The only difference I see is nationality.


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13 Responses to Cowboy Up? Guest Post by Rosinette

  1. saraht says:

    Yes, I know it wasn’t you! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to follow the PBR the last two seasons due to work and time constraints. Your blog is my go-to resource for event recaps. (The glossed over event reviews on the PBR site are repetitive and frankly quite boring.) Thanks for continuing to post and allowing others to post as well.


    • Thanks, Sarah. I don’t know if it’s any help, but there are live re-caps on CarbonTV (which isn’t better than PBR Live, but it’s free). I couldn’t stand to watch; the P.O.V. is so far away during rides, and the screen keeps pixillating.

      Speaking of re-caps, my life schedule has put me way behind in posting. Plus, like a lot of other people, I’m losing interest, thanks to the new point system and the way the judges continue to behave. Craig Hummer’s eternal blabbering certainly doesn’t help.


  2. saraht says:

    Very good post! There is a lot of truth to this for sure. I think you should post the link on the Herdies Facebook page. I’d suggest posting it on the PBR page as well but we all know it would be removed immediately. Thanks for posting.


  3. closeobserver says:

    And how they didn’t bash the other riders that didn’t take the re-ride in Fresno! If Silvano did that, they’d be all over him!


  4. T Baker says:

    I would have compared it to how the announcers bash Fabiano over his shoulder injury and continually say he should just use it, as if the damaged shoulder is all in his mind.


    • Yeah; I’ve heard Ty Murray do that A LOT. I suppose none of his injuries were imaginary.


    • S. says:

      The commentators also consistently ignored that Silvano had a shoulder injury for much of last season. I guess because he didn’t make a big deal about it (not that they bothered to interview him most of the time anyway), and they were more interested in banging on endlessly about how his strategy is the worst ever.


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