Sioux Falls Fallout

Clever ploy: PBR getting their marketing info by asking viewers to tweet where they came from, how long it took them, how did they get there, etc. It’s the PBR’s first time in Sioux Falls, so besides ticket sales, this is how they figure out whether to bother coming back. I wonder, do they factor in statistics like, Stetson Lawrence and Nathan Schaper drove 8 hours from North Dakota to get there?

Jesse Byrne talking about how nice everybody in South Dakota is: “Walking through the hotel lobby is like meeting a hundred of Nathan Schaper.”


  • Fabiano Vieira, who has a 50% riding percentage in spite of his half-mast free arm, was DQed in Round 1 for taking too long in the chute. He later said the bull didn’t give him a fair shot; it was leaning on the gate and he couldn’t get his leg down. People in the locker room—that would be, other riders–agreed. Bad weekend for him: Shaft bucked him off, and Vieira landed on his right arm (of course) and bounced.
  • Dave Mason (the one without the guitar) helped Ben Jones at the chute on Raven Flyer. (Silvano Alves won The American on RF). Poor Ben– he made 8, threw his hat and was ready to dance, but the clock had stopped for a touch. He challenged it (on behalf of us all), but no cigar. Arrgghh!

Canadianaaronroy is back. Gage Gay will be returning to the BFTS. Kaique Pacheco leads the Blue Def Velocity tour. Cooper Davis came up through the same tour—another CBR rider. (He won the 1st CBR season event in January.)  Watch out, Benny: you don’t want the CBR to become just a feeder for the PBR (unless they pay enough).


  • W. Harris won Round 1. I love saying that. J.W. HARRIS WON ROUND 1.
  • Oyster Creek cracked me up when he gave a couple of desperate bucks between his direction change in a frantic attempt to dislodge João Ricardo Vieira. I could see the bubble over the bull’s head: “Dammit! Why isn’t this working??” Vieira made the ride look easy; maybe that’s why the score wasn’t bigger than 85.25. P.S. I noted a while ago that the .25 dings of the last two seasons seem to have increased to .50 dings.
  • Another thing I like saying: Tanner Byrne’s riding percentage is 50%.
  • Love that clip of Nathan Schaper riding Long John– exciting ride, kicked up a lot of dust.
  • Old? I beg to differ. Valdiron de Oliveira’s riding percentage is 58.62%.
  • Then again, Silvano’s is 63.64%.

Does Hummer even hear himself?? “Tanner couldn’t wait to jump on Flint… Tanner and Flint, ready to get it on.”

Stetson Lawrence had no luck on Mr. Bojangles. Craig Hummer’s comment: “Bojangles leaves Lawrence singing the blues.” Um, dude—Bojangles was a dancer and actor, not a blues singer—and one of the most famous and well-paid African American entertainers in the first half of the 20th century. Another example of white stupidity, either Hummer’s or whoever scripted that line. There’s a song about Bojangles, he’s black, so he must be a blues singer? Do your friggin’ research, boys!! You’re embarrassing.

Renato Nunes has a nightmare 28.57% riding percentage–whaa?! He had a hell of a time of it on Gentleman Jim’s back: that tail kept whipping him in the face. Renato’s dismount was a grab at the fence that left him hanging while the bull kept running. Saved his bacon, but it’s in a slump.

That photo of stock contractor Matt Scharping sitting on Magic Train in the pen was like a cute class photo. “A lot of the great ones are pretty tame,” according to J.W. Hart. Yeaahh… I still wouldn’t put my butt down on some bovine with a 92.59% buckoff rate, no matter how chillaxed he looks.


  • Does this sound a little like a rah-rah apple pie storyline? Mike Lee rode Semper Fi (the Marines motto), son of Little Yellow Jacket, for 88.75 to lead the round and win the event.
  • Does Western culture really require women to be ridiculous sex objects? Re the “Hooter’s Girls” commercial: in this one, the message is that because she’s blonde, she’s too dumb to do anything but smile and take your order. Not to mention, what woman in her right mind would want a job that’s all about a body part? What’s next: ’gina Gals?
  • American Sniper crashed his head against the fence, and I think it changed his direction. I can’t believe J.W. Harris wasn’t offered a re-ride! Another example of PBR selective rule application.
  • Nobody rode in the Championship Round. Mike Lee didn’t even have to ride Pistol Pete; he’d already won because of that high score they gave him in the previous round. (Pete didn’t do too badly: 44.25.) Now we’ll have to watch how the judges set up the scoring in the round before the short-go. They know the bulls can pitch a shut-out, so if they can manage it, they’ll want to make sure their boy wins… whoever the boy of the moment is.

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