So nice how the CBS voiceover intro sounds like an adult, professional announcer, not screaming at us like some illiterate moron.

Silvano Alves is out with an injured hip; it’s a weird sight, seeing him sitting in the stands. Now the Booth Boys can’t keep talking about how he’s never injured (the rotten subtext being, Alves doesn’t take chances like real cowboys do). In the meantime, João Ricardo Vieira has a 57.14% riding percentage. I’m impressed. That puts him only 5 points behind Matt Triplett.

The bull scores were great, the lowest being 42.75 (Chocolate Thunder), highest 46.50 (I’m A Gangster Too). Eduardo Aparecido, in because Ben Jones was out with an injury, took a beating from the Gangster: got jerked down over the bull’s head, took a horn to the face (without a helmet, of course), and was kneeling on the ground, stunned, until Sports Medicine took him away.

Stone Sober telestrator photos: WOW. On his first blast out of the chute, his hooves are higher than the chute gate, and the rider is about 12 feet in the air. What may be the photo of the year is the shot of the bull leaping over Renato Nunes (the top of whose head is stuck on the dirt, butt in the air), with all four legs gathered up under him, clearing Renato by at least three feet. “This bull is a freak,” Ty Murray announced, and yeah, he ain’t kidding. Emilio Resende is only person to ride that bull (for 88, in Oklahoma City, 2013). Is it too early to smell a World Championship?

Are you sure?? Nathan Schaper’s bull, Wicked, did one of those stumble things, so the ride was reviewed for time and a slap that looked to me like it was at the 8-second mark; the judges said it happened at 7.99. Aww, maaaaan!

The bullfighters closed in to save Schaper during his less-than-ideal dismount from Wicked, with Jesse Byrne as the flying quarterback: he jumped smack in front of the bull’s face and took a big hit. That boy must be covered with purple bruises.

• I am SO sick of “The Longest Ride” commercials. The female character is beyond dumb. She knows her boyfriend’s a bull rider, yet she’s shocked when the doctor says he’s lucky to be alive. Then there’s the utterly stupid, puzzled look on her face as the doctor tells her that in bull riding, “It’s not if you’re going to get hurt, it’s when.” Bad acting choice. Or bad direction; who knows. I’m not going to see it.

• This “Ring of Honor: Unfinished Business” Pay Per View thing could be a hoot. According to Ty Murray, the three decades of “legends” who are participating “includes champions who are 50 years old.” It’d be nice to see a geezer make 8; the judges would probably throw a 98 at him. I’m still not paying for it, though.

• Hickory dickery dock, Brazilians on the clock:
Fabiano Vieira, Eduardo Aparecido, Valdiron de Oliveira, and Kaique Pacheco (who had to exit before he was ready), and don’t tell me all of them were taking too long in the chute. J.W. Harris took his sweet time in there, and wasn’t put on the clock.

• Here’s how you set up a game:
Mike Lee goes out on Percolator. The bull wasn’t as much of a handful as he has been; he was kinda predictable: slow turns, high leaps, as rhythmic as a rocking chair. Shorty Gorham called the ride “flawless,” but I’m thinking, did Mike make it look easy, or was it in fact an easier trip? Scoring him 92 right off the bat guaranteed him the win; who were they gonna score higher than 92? Not a Brazilian. (And J.B. wasn’t around for them to throw a 94 at.) Mike’s take on it: “Percolator’s an old man like me. 10 years old. So if he can do it, I can do it…”

• “Ride, rewrap, repeat,” was how Craig Hummer described Guilherme Marchi’s prep for his rematch on Calypso. Despite his Grand Old Man status, the judges handed him an 89: not good enough to win, but not insulting, either. In his post-ride interview, Marchi, who has a 48.84% riding percentage, said he thought the bull bucked harder than the first time he was on his back. This was ride # 543.

In spite of his bad shoulder issue, Fabiano Vieira has a 47.50% riding percentage, and scored 88.25 on American Sniper; he’s been able to keep his free arm higher lately.

The word on J.W. is that he likes to play jokes on people. Of course Craig then compared him to J.B., for being a “presence” in the locker room. Oh come on, dude—can’t ANYBODY be as good as (or better than) your idol in anything? J.W. needs to pull a prank on Hummer. A custard pie would be a start.

Reese Cates, after scoring 87.75 on Chocolate Thunder, spoke for many a bull rider when he said, “I was so mad about being bucked off before, he could’ve gone out there and done backflips; I would’ve stayed on him.”


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