Robson Palermo Deserves More Respect: Rosinette Speaks Out

Guest Post By Rosinette:

All I’m asking is for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T (just a little bit).  Robson Palermo is a three-time World Finals event winner.  During his career, he has amassed 361 qualified rides out of 711 attempts, which amounts to an impressive 50.77% career riding percentage.

Beyond that, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet him at a PBR event, you can attest to the fact that he is the consummate professional, personable, gracious and humble.

His career has been marked with successes, challenges and, above all, perseverance. Despite all the injury setbacks he has endured in the past few years, he remained focused on returning to competition and worked his ass off.  Take a look at the video of the physical therapy and intense fitness training he endured after his last shoulder surgery, and you’ll see it hasn’t been easy.  In 2014, he tore a ligament in his ankle less than three weeks into his return, which brought his season to a premature end at the 2014 World Finals after he was stepped on in Round 1.  This season, he was cut from the Built Ford Tough Series, but true to form, he didn’t let it alter his focus.  He won a BlueDef Velocity Tour event and placed 3rd in a Touring Pro Division event.

Coming into last weekend’s event in Billings, Montana, Robson was ranked 45th in the world standings.  After going 2 for 4 and winning the championship round, he finished seventh in the event average, earning 120 points and leaping up to the 33rd spot.  It’s a compelling story.

The PBR must have featured this story on their website, right?  Nope.

But what about the comeback story posted on Monday?  Sorry, that was written about another rider.

Instead, they posted a fluff story about two other riders becoming friends (yes, really). They did post a story about the “movers and shakers,” examining the riders who “made the biggest moves in the standings following three days of action in Billings, Montana,” with barely a small mention of Robson.  One to be exact:  “Gay was the biggest mover among a group of alternates, including Robson Palermo and Aaron Roy, to make a move up the world standings in Billings.”  

The article talks in length how Gage Gay jumped from 36th to 26th after his performance in Billings.  If 2 + 2 still equals 4, then I’m pretty sure Robson moving up 12 spots is a larger jump than Gay moving up 10.

Is this snub the PBR’s retribution for Robson speaking out about all the criticism of the Brazilian-style rope (which some American riders also use)?  Or is this yet another example of the PBR’s unrelenting effort to glorify a few chosen riders while slighting the others from another country—and hoping that we won’t notice?

We can only wonder…


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