I thought I was hallucinating, so I watched it again. Oh, yes they did. In the opening montage to the PBR’s Tucson broadcast, the voiceover said, “It’s time to separate the pretenders from the contenders.” At the word “pretenders,” a picture of Joao Ricardo Vieira JOÃO RICARDO VIEIRA was shown. It was quick—they probably thought we stupid viewers wouldn’t catch it—but not quick enough to escape my eagle eye.

Somebody at that organization—and at David Neal’s organization, too, since he’s the producer—needs to issue a serious, on-air and in person apology to Vieira, NOW. This disgusting hatred of Brazilian riders HAS TO STOP. If the PBR dislikes them so much, then they should ban them from events—and see how long the PBR lasts.

I am so angry at this farce of an organization. It’s bad enough they’re conspiring to hand J.B. Mauney the world title, but to disparage the rider who’s held the #1 spot for far longer is beyond all conscience. Who let that happen? Who’s responsible for that offensive snipe? They ought to be ashamed. Of course, people who will stoop to rigging scores have no shame. They’re pathetic, jealous, and infantile. (They’ll probably have to look up those words in the dictionary, because they’re also ignorant.)

Producer David Neal has a degree in broadcast journalism from USC. His father was an NBC News correspondent, producer and executive. Is this David’s idea of quality broadcasting– slapping the face of a great athlete, on national television? If he wasn’t aware of this montage, then he’s not doing his job, and if he was aware of it, then he doesn’t know how to do his job. That’s not journalism. That’s low-class, vicious slander. That’s right, slander.

Vieira is not a “pretender.” He’s #2 in the world right now. He’s a contender. He’s the real deal. He doesn’t have his scores inflated by jingoistic morons who insist on having their way. Throughout all the crap the PBR has directed at the Brazilian riders, he’s behaved like a perfect gentleman.

If you’re angry at this attack on João, call the PBR’s publicity office and give them an earful. Tweet about this. Put it on your Facebook page. I certainly will.


Denise M. Abbott, Senior Director of Public Relations 719.242.2800 ext. 3372 | dabbott@pbr.com
Jordan Marie Johnson, Manager of Public Relations 719.242.2800 ext. 3258 | jjohnson@pbr.com
Heather Croze, Manager of Public Relations 719.242.2800 ext. 3226 | hcroze@pbr.com


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  1. I accidentally turned it on last weekend and of course they were showing a JB clip over and over, ol
    Howdy Doody. Had to change real quick can’t stand it. Eventually they will go under like the Titanic.
    Just cruel obnoxious people some might not agree but will be fired


  2. Danielle says:

    Kris this may be your best blog ever!

    Sent from my iPhone



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