Renato Speaks Truth to Power

Oh, yes he did! And boy, am I glad. In Round 2 of the Tucson event, Renato Nunes was put on the clock as he prepared to go out on Kufus—while the bull was lunging forward in the chute. Renato waited out the clock and left the chute at 5 seconds—and he was mad. You don’t wanna make Nunes mad; it just makes him dig in and ride hard. The 81.75 score was the judges’ revenge.

The big payoff for me was Renato’s post-ride interview with Leah Garcia. Whatever she asked him was irrelevant. His response: “They treat you like crap here.” At first I thought, Oh no, he didn’t! Did he really say that? Don’t the riders all have a gag order on them?  Pasted-on smiles? Repeating the PBR Pledge of Allegiance? But I can hear grass grow, so I believed my ears. It got even better, as he explained to Leah:  “He put me on the clock; they give me 30 seconds, I can do what I want, so I wait.”

I like his style. He tells the truth. And that’s “the cowboy way.”


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9 Responses to Renato Speaks Truth to Power

  1. adrian says:

    I’m starting to pay more attention to other associations like CBR and PRCA I became a huge fan of sage kimzey he’s awesome


  2. Tired of being fan says:

    This article, I guess, was in Time. Not sure that I would want a talent agent to rep the PBR.SHARING…..Sean Gleason
    3 hrs · Pueblo, CO ·
    I was informed that some people had problems accessing the Time article on PBR so here it is as text.
    Why Hollywood Is Bullish on Bull Riding
    Sean Gregory @seanmgregory 6:07 AM ET
    The talent agency that reps Rihanna and The Rock is betting serious money that 1,500-lb. beasts and the daredevils who ride them are the future of entertainmen


    • Well, when the William Morris Agency comes knocking, you don’t turn it down. (That’s from an actress’s point of view.) Now that sports and entertainment are mushing together, I guess Spire Capital wanted to take advantage. The Hollywoodization is what makes me kinda urpy. I’ll bet right now there is a film deal in development for a movie called “J.B.” And Craig Hummer will write the script. And play the love scenes.


  3. Tired of being fan says:

    With all the new changes in the fan club (PBR) for next year and the article in the magazine about the new vision of the PBR, it makes me nauseated. This has become a sport that no longer resembles a rodeo/bull riding. I have spent my last dime (ha ha $100’s) on the PBR.


  4. Carole Deans says:

    My husband and I live in Australia. He’s Aussie. I’m a Yank. We love rodeo and we agree with you and Renato. We’ve been observing this in the judging and commenting for quite some time now. Good on you, Renato…you speak your truth xo


    • Thank you for your comment. If people on the other side of the world can see what’s going on with the PBR, the PBR really should pay attention to what we’re saying! I’d love to have you and your husband subscribe to my blog (free).


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