“The Storyline” and all the Coronation crap was beyond repulsive. I would say this qualifies as idol worship, which as I recall Moses was really pissed off about.

Favoritism in action: JB touched the chute in the middle of his ride on Hou’s Back. That’s supposed to be a DQ. And he didn’t have the rope in his hand at 8; his hands were both free in the air. That should be a no score. But the judges didn’t DQ him or give him a zero. Instead they figured out a way to save their boy: re-ride flags for the bull spending time in/near the chute. Of course JB takes the reride. It serves those weasels right that No Regrets bucked him off.


JB descending on a trapeze while Hummer goes into his rap about how he doesn’t want to be Clark Kent, he wants to be Superman! Talk about making a mockery of the sport! How embarrassing! The fact that JB goes along with this crap means he has become the PBR’s lap dog. I’m sorry, JB, but this was way beneath you.

“Watching a legend in the making”—Ty Murray, slugging down the Kool-Aid. Making by the judges, you mean.

“JB Mauney is living on his own planet, it seems.”—Craig, delirious from his Kool-Aid IV drip.


  • Cooper Davis was 5 for 7 and took on Panda Trax. Scored 88 for an excellent trip on a bull that wanted to punish him. “He’s got a bad attitude, but I’ll take him if I get a ride like that.” Cooper Davis’ mother is a breast cancer survivor, and this event was donating $750 per ride and $1,000 per 90-point ride for research.
  • Tanner Byrne’s excellent reactions on Who Dey earned him an 88.25.
  • Michael Lane’s excellent form and countermoves for 86.50 on Big Bunny.
  • Silvano Alves rode Swashbuckler for 87.25. Justin doesn’t think “he’s came back.” It’s just good to see him ride. His interview: “Happy with my ride, not happy with my score.”
  • Bonner Bolton’s 1st 90-point ride was his 90.50 on Walk Off. Hummer started ranting about “dragon slayers.”


Well, these guys did their jobs. And at least the scores were better than in Round 1.

Chad Berger had 9 bulls in the rank pen, 17 in all. H.D. Paige had 3 bulls out of 7 in the rank pen. Does that make sense to you? Yet that’s what Craig Hummer told us.

I liked the thorough analysis of the bulls. “I think they’re a little bit psychotic”—Ty talking about bulls like Stone Sober and Air Time.

  • Stone Sober has 24 straight buckoffs and earned 44.25.
  • Air Time made it to 47.
  • Little Red Jacket after his 44.25 was still kicking ass on his way through the out gate and down to the pen.
  • Roy (you-know-who’s brother) is a fast, muscular headslinger; scored 44.75.
  • If I heard right, Stanley Fatmax is 4 for 69.
  • Seven Dust was rank—went after everyone in the arena, not just Stetson Lawrence. 44.25
  • Kill the Lights 44.75 J.W. Harris was the one doing the direction changes.
  • Bullfighter Rob Smith owns Jeremiah, who did him proud with a 45.


  • Adriano Moraes being funny about winning his 3rd World Championship title at age 36.
  • “Don’t mistake that for confidence,” said Justin McBride about people saying JB’s cocky. I love it—the guy’s clueless about what comes out of his mouth! I think he might be dyslexic—isn’t he the one who would say a bull was no match for so-and-so, when the rider actually got bucked off?
  • “All I can really hear is you talkin’, Craig”—Justin. You and millions of viewers, McBride!


  • Ty has rubbed off on McBride; now they’re both saying “Noonyez” instead of “Nunes.” Morons.
  • F***in’ S.O.B.s were saying Marchi was soaking Smooth Operator.
  • Robson Palermo was David’s Dream’s 14th straight buckoff, was tossed up onto a railing lengthwise— really hurt— escorted off, two guys hoisting him by his belt to try to hold him up. I think the bull hit the family jewels; he could barely walk.


Gage Gay rode Sasquatch for 88.25, but I think the bull wasn’t all that. Leah’s interview: he said nothing’s changed since last year, he just got his confidence back. Her response: “Says last year’s rookie, Craig.” Oh, yes she did.

Results: Bonner Bolton, Gage Gay/Tanner Byrne, Cooper Davis, Silvano Alves


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  1. Eleanore says:

    I agree Judges Boy got a lot of points but you have to admit he rode pretty well the end of the season. Anytime you get the whistle a lot on these caliber bulls you’re doing something right to be in a position for them to gift you.


  2. Kelly Adams says:

    Love your blog. I was rewatching the Nashville (major) The bull JR Vieira drew (if in fact the computer is not being fixed and he really drew him) Fire Rock. The talkers said the bull was always let out from the left and he always goes left. JR rides everything to the left. But this time for the first time ever, they are letting him out on the right and he will probably go to the right. They sure didn’t want him to win another “major” did they?


    • I was trying to think it was just a coincidence, but then I realized it wasn’t. Somebody else commented on it, too. I’m glad people like you have sharp eyes! The PBR establishment will do anything to tank the Brazilians.
      I’ve seen at least a dozen times when it was clear that the “random” matchups weren’t random. Austin Meier gets a bull called Austin Nights; Ryan Dirteater gets insulted with a bull called Red Man… Cody Lambert has a lot to answer for.


  3. Jinx says:

    JB won it . get over it crybaby..,


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