NYC Report – in person

NYC Report – in person

This will be stream of consciousness, play-by-play, day by day, because anything else is too much work.

Friday night:

It’s official. The spectacle has now overwhelmed the bull riding. Plus the security procedure for entrance was so thorough, you’d think we were flying from Palestine to Israel. I even had to open my makeup bag. The whole shebang took so long, I missed half the rider introductions.

Tyler Harr gets a re-ride because of his bull Wild Party, who was not so wild. Shane Proctor’s trip on Barracuda, who had no bite, was in my eyes, a borderline re-ride (the Round 1 pen was not impressive), but at least they gave him an 80.25. Certain other riders would be given a score in the ‘70s, pressuring them to take a re-ride.

Joao Ricardo Vieira gave a solid performance on Flip Out, for 86.25

Emilio Resende is back. His bull Fire Kat popped up and down, had no spin, good air, but no spark. Emilio got a bit out of position, so 81.75 was his score.

Spiderman got to show off his great dance moves (“for the ladies,” as the stupid announcer said) for his 85 on Little Joe. So much for Ty Murray’s griping last season that Aragao “is the least talented.”  BTW, Aragao was put on the clock.

Brady Sims was the first to ride Hurricane Harry, earning 82.75.

Why is Flint wearing white Bermuda shorts? Because the weather in NYC was better than last year’s snow/sleet/ice/rain storm? (This weekend it only rained a couple of times.)

Ben Jones nearly gritted his new teeth down to the nub, he was so pissed off at not riding Lieutenant Dan.

Arrgghh—arena announcers keep forgetting to tell us the bulls’ names, and when they do, the blasting music drowns them out.

Rubens Barbosa also is back, and his bull Throwin’ Salt, scored a measly 32. Why no re-ride? Ummm…

Ryan Dirteater made Magic, for 85.

I notice rows of empty seats in the expensive section.

An Ariat boots drawing is conducted by parachute: little ones drop from the ceiling with baseball-style caps attached. One of them indicates the winner. All weekend I sat in different sections where no parachute landed. Even in the expensive seats. Just sayin’.

Gage Gay got bucked off and chased by Savage Jacket.

Eduardo Aparecido, who wasn’t at the Chicago event, rode Walkin’ Through White for 81.75.

Wallace Vieira de Oliveira, who won in Chicago, took care of Tex-lo, a spinner with no other string to his bow, for 84.75.

Tanner Byrne scored 84.50 (which it took the announcers forever to tell us) on Four Runner, who took a victory lap and needing roping to get him out of the arena.

Cody Nance showed up with a large red neckerchief. He was put on the clock (probably because of the neckerchief; unfortunate fashion choice), looked like he was making the ride on Bone Head, then got bucked off—apparently with the tippy tippy tip of the rope on the tippy tippy tip of a finger, for 78.25.

Valdiron de Oliveira bobbled on Mr. U, for what reason I have no clue.

Michael Lane was showered with re-ride flags: Tom Horn bucked in the chute. Then when the gate opened, faced off—still in the chute—with one of the bullfighters.

Nathan Schaper’s bull Striker barely left the chute as he bucked. I guess some of these bulls like to stay close to home.

Tyler Harr’s re-ride went only to 7.23.

Reese Cates had no luck on Buckle Up.

It’s SO annoying to be in the cheap seats tonight. There’s a constant flow of people more interested in drinking than watching bull riding. Cheap thrills. And then they have to pee. Buy beer, excuse me while I cross in front of you as someone is riding, sit down, drink beer, excuse me while I cross in front of you to go pee and buy more beer, excuse me while I block your view crossing in front of you, sit down, drink beer, excuse me while I step on your foot and go pee and buy more beer…again and again and again. I must’ve got up and down 20 times. I hate these people.

Kasey Hayes got hung up on Louisville Slugger at 7.6 seconds.

Sexist shit: A Hooters ad came on the big screens and the announcers urged people to go to the joint, which is across the street. Yeah, and bull riding’s supposed to be family entertainment? Let’s stare at breasts, children.

The only tee shirts available for purchase that have a rider on them are J.B. Mauney shirts. Now that he’s “The Face of the PBR,” all other riders are invisible, even the guy who won three (some say four) world championships.

Robson Palermo, who won New York in 2013, rode Alligator Arms for 87, and made it look easy. That’s my man, the Scorpio!

Paolo Ferreira Lima, who has won 4 Blue Def events, went out on Playgun, and was given 76 or a re-ride, which he decided to take.

Cody Heffernan from Australia had no luck on Gotta Go Joe.

Lachlan Richardson kept his feet in place, hallelujah, and scored 85.75 on Come On Baby.

Aaron Roy had problems in the chute with Pure Bull; later he got bucked off and almost landed on his head– terrifying when you think about his previous injury.

In the meantime, Stetson Lawrence had a fairly quick buckoff courtesy of Mustard Seed, after which the bull went after each bullfighter in turn, exited, then took a curtain call to take another crack at Jesse Byrne, who of course successfully dodged him. How much do we luv Jesse?

It’s so nice when the relentless hammering music stops for a bit.

Ugh—they replayed J.W. Harris’s bad bull collision and hangup in Chicago. He had a rotten go this time on Off the Grid. Every time he was ready to get out, the bull would buck; he nodded, and the bull bucked, so they didn’t open the gate. He nodded again, the bull bucked again, then came out backwards, hipped himself, and J.W. hit the chute when he came down. That was a mess that definitely deserved the re-ride he got.

Mike Lee has a new shirt: red, and a turquoise face cage. Nice Southwestern color combo. Maybe it helped him get locked in at the spin, for 84.25 on Texicali.

J.B. Mauney (here I have a flash of Bruce Springsteen when he used to introduce Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons: “Do I have to say his name?! Do I have to say his name?!”) was in good form on Blue Hurricane, and I expected a ridiculous score, but he was given an 85; I don’t know why. This time the announcers didn’t make a big fuss over him, because it was just a human score, not a godly one like their idol should always have.

Michael Lane’s re-ride, Alright Alright Alright, gave him a measly 75.50.

Douglas Duncan on Crazy Horse was looking fine, then came down; I don’t know how/why he slid off. DD did look pretty disgusted with himself.

Fabiano Vieira rode one of those pop-up bulls, The Colonel, for 82.75.

Mason Lowe made his ride on Whistlin’ Dixie, for 85.50, then the bull took a trip around the arena before politely exiting.

Stormy Wing, well, let’s put it this way: there was no home run hitting, Craig. Sasquatch bucked him off.

Unfortunately, Markus Mariluch also got bucked off, by Legal Tender.

Kaique Pacheco impresses everybody; he scored 84.50 on Gentleman Jim, and the announcer duo predicted that he’ll win a World Championship and be a million-dollar cowboy. It wasn’t the score that was impressive (the judges were kinda stingy Friday), it was his riding style.

Silvano’s bull Rusty wasn’t enough to give him a good score; he had to settle for 82.75.

Paolo Lima did better with his re-ride bull; he had no trouble with the direction change, scoring 84.50.

I was wondering if the judges were saving the higher scores for tomorrow night.

J.W. Harris, who was wearing a mighty big hat, kicked ass on his re-ride, whose name nobody announced. Make it look like a piece o’ cake, for 87, tying him for the lead with Palermo. Could I be any happier?? Well, only if Renato was there doing a backflip.

Miscellaneous fun:

The “Behind the Ride” videoclip showing a fast-motion set-up of Madison Square Garden. It’s way more complicated than you think. And that little caterpillar thing can go in reverse as fast as it can move forward.

Somebody please ‘splain:

One row of seats had computer or TV screens in front, like on an airplane. Wonder what those seats cost? And yet, some fool was watching a football game. Sigh.

To be continued, with the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

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2 Responses to NYC Report – in person

  1. Tom Mauceri says:

    The night we went to for the LV Finals was just plain boring and humdrum. PBR has done to bullriding what disco did to music. There may be a few pallitable mpments, but just a few and just barely. And for that u got stuck for something like $275 a seat.

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    • The most fun part was sitting with Rudd & co. on Saturday night. Tracy won “Fan of the Night” for her cardboard bucking bull and cowboy. Not for nothing is she a children’s book illustrator! PS – You should see Mark’s “apartment.” Two floors; it’s like being in a house. You’d never know there was anyone else in the building. (Yep, $200 seats, and not right at the chutes.)


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