Kansas City Shame

I’m pretty sure that the only thing most people remember about the PBR’s Kansas City event is the shocking call the judges made in the Championship Round when they somehow didn’t see JB Mauney slap Fire and Smoke and not have the rope in his hand at the 8-second mark: they awarded him an 87. Despite viewing the replay multiple times, despite the fact that millions of TV viewers saw what happened, and despite the fact that Ty Murray stated on air, “That’s a weird call to me. I don’t know what was inconclusive. It wasn’t inconclusive that he slapped him. I feel like JB really got away with one,” the judges obediently followed the PBR’s idol worship script. And they used the JB Clock. It’s no joke, folks. It really exists.

I’m also pretty sure that in any other sport, those judges would’ve been benched. That incident was so appalling, it tops almost all of the PBR’s egregious acts on behalf of their favorite. Almost. Who knows what fuckery awaits us at this year’s Finals?


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5 Responses to Kansas City Shame

  1. smartchick says:

    It never ceases to amaze me!! They do the same with jb as they did Bushwacker. Look how much media attention they got for Bushwacker-a great bull, but the greatest ever? Even Ty said numerous times that the rankest bull he ever saw was Pacific Belle. Now they have to make sure jb doesn’t fall. He is their god. They have done everything they can to ensure jb’s success.


  2. licorice whip says:

    If JB had any moral compass, he’d tell the PBR to cut it out. Don’t cowboys want to earn what they get? I didn’t think they liked anyone getting handouts!


    • Moral compass? From a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, had a baby with another woman, took the baby from the other woman, had his fiancee take care of the baby, married the fiancee, then suddenly has a girlfriend? I think not.

      But you’re right– I didn’t think “the cowboy way” was to let people cheat on your behalf.


  3. Terry says:

    I agree, we were equally as shocked by the judge’s call. The slap came around 7.8 or a little before, or something like that, it was clear.. And then a ride or two after that Ty had to state his opinion, and I am so glad he did. J.B. has earned his way. He is a rock star of the PBR for good reason, he turns out great ride after great ride, it’s no fluke. But it’s shameful that the judges made this call, it was so clearly conclusive, right there in plain TV camera view, that he slapped him well before the eight seconds.


  4. BR Fan says:

    So not only have they tried to brainwash fans into thinking JB is the end all be all; the best rider in history and for the foreseeable future, they’ve now tried to make us believe we saw something different than our very own eyes witnessed?? What. In. The. Fuck.
    The PBR judges are despicable and corrupt. No other explanation. A sports organization that condones such corruption will cease to prosper so they should they enjoy this while it lasts because it won’t last forever.


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