Leave it to the PBR–what starts out as a great idea–a mini-series about bullriders, giving the Brazilians their due, with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, including from the Barretos Rodeo–ends up cockeyed.
I watched the first two episodes as Netflix screeners, and couldn’t believe it. NO TRANSLATOR, NO SUBTITLES. I’m listening to in-depth conversations with Silvano Alves and Guilherme Marchi, in Portuguese, with no way to understand. It didn’t occur to the powers behind the series that an awful lot of Americans don’t speak Portuguese??
So I politely suggested to the middleman that, um, people might be disappointed. The word DUH comes to mind. In a while, the techies involved fixed up a couple of episodes with what’s called “forced English” — a.k.a. subtitles.
Oh goody, I thought, ready for some binge-watching.
The next day, only one episode remained online–with no “forced English.”
Not to mention: what genius thought it was a smart idea to start the series during the first PBR event after the break? Are we supposed to be flipping back and forth between Nashville and Netflix?
Meanwhile I’d like to know if anyone out there has seen any of the episodes, and whether they had subtitles.
P.S. Apparently we all have been pronouncing Guilherme’s last name wrong. Everyone in Brazil was calling him “Mar-kee.” I guess he’s been too polite to correct the PBR.

Later I’ll post some notes about what I saw.

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11 Responses to Fearless

  1. Carla says:

    I binged on all six episodes. I even re-watched it with my husband. The subtitles were present on all the episodes, which was a good thing because despite being a native speaker of both English and Portuguese, I would have had a hard time understanding the “cowboy” Portuguese a couple of times. I loved the series and I also loved Ty and JB’s contribution. I really got a sense that they appreciate and respect the Brazilians and I felt proud as an American for their ability to recognize them. Even Cody Nance, after his trip to Barretos, seems to better relate to the difficulties the Brazilians go through in this foreign land. I have a new found admiration for the Brazilian riders after this series… they are so hard working, humble, and have such camaraderie; it’s beautiful to see. It makes me want to cook a huge pot of feijão for them the next time they are in Anaheim.


  2. Fearless is a great series! says:

    I’ve watched all six parts of Fearless, and all six had subtitles. You can turn subtitles off and on…and they work perfectly. The subtitles were there from the beginning on August 19th. I really enjoyed all six episodes, and it was great to watch them right before I attend the PBR event in Tulsa this weekend. It was nice to learn more about the Brazilians. Those guys are tough and seem like good men. I just wish there wasn’t such a disconnect between them and the American riders. I know part of it is due to the language barrier, but Adriano Moraes was right about how much it would help them if they all learned English. It would be nice to see more camaraderie between the Brazilians and Americans.


    • I’m glad the subtitles work.
      The Brazilians are learning English, but the Americans aren’t learning Portuguese. I just had a long conversation with Robson Palermo, and his English is better than a lot of American cowboys’ English.
      The Brazilians have been friendly toward the Americans (and others), but they’re not getting the same response from a lot of people. I’d say the disconnect is on the American side– particularly the judges.


      • chris says:

        There’s not really any reason for the Americans to learn Portuguese unless they’re gonna be living overseas in a country that speaks Portuguese. And I agree that Robson speaks English very well. I don’t get all the PBR propaganda talk and the hating on JB Mauney. Mauney is a helluva bull rider and he’s only in the series a few times. The PBR rep only talked about judging once to say all bull riders think they are scored too low. And how can Brazilians complain about judging….3 of the current top 5 are Brazilians, including #1 Pacheco.


      • Some of the Americans do ride in Brazil. Cody Nance in the Fearless series talked about not being able to understand anybody, and not even being able to string together a sentence. And there is a reason for the bull riding business to learn some Portuguese– there are riders and Brazilian journalists who speak it, and it would be good if they could all communicate.
        Propaganda is exactly what the PBR is good at. Nobody’s hating JB; a lot of us just want the PBR to stop shoving him in our faces every five minutes and to stop constantly scoring him 90 or more just because he stays on a bull for 8 seconds. It doesn’t really make sense to have him in the series at all; he’s not a Brazilian rider.
        Not all bull riders think they’re scored too low; some are perfectly happy with their scores. A lot of the Brazilians are routinely underscored– for two years they stuck Silvano with 83s and 84s in an effort to tank him. And then there’s all the putting them on the clock and the DQs, but when Pistol Robinson was put on the clock and DQed, everybody lost their minds over it. The fact that those guys still own half the top spots in spite of the judges’ bias and the scoring system specifically designed to keep Alves from winning another championship in 2015 just shows how ridiculously good they are.


      • chris says:

        It just sounds like a lot of whining after a while. Silvano has made $4.5 million in the past six years due to getting good scores.


      • You’re kidding, right? All the Brazilians except Renato Nunes took the crap and didn’t say a word. Only in the past year has anyone made a peep about being mistreated. If you look at Silvano’s scores over the past few years, you’ll see that he just steadily piled up points, even turning down re-rides and accepting scores in the 70s, to get to the championship. He wasn’t exactly drowning in 90-point scores. If he’d been scored the way JB is scored, he’d have won 5 championships. If you looked at his scores alone, you wouldn’t know he’s “the greatest bull rider who ever lived,” as Adriano Moraes called him. It’s too bad he’s having such a hard time now. That broken hip scared him.


  3. wanda lilly says:

    You will be disappointed when you watch the rest–A lot of jb and explanations of how the Brazilians are not being judged incorrectly. Good to see and hear from some of the Brazilian athletes, but more of PBR propaganda.


  4. Big Disapointment says:

    We did watch the first episode, a couple of days ago, and it did have subtitles. I abandoned PBR 2 years ago, for obvious reasons, and the description of Fearless led you to believe at least the first episode was about the Brazilians, whom I loved, but alas, Ty Murray and JB pop up almost immediately, so I fast forwarded through a lot of it, and won’t even try to watch the rest.


    • Don’t worry, JB and Ty disappear pretty quickly, and after that Adriano Moraes is pretty much the narrator. I’ve seen only the first 2 episodes, and they devoted most of the time to Marchi and Alves, some to Joao, and a little to Kaique. it’s worth it, since there are subtitles now, which I am definitely taking credit for, because they didn’t have them before I told them it would be a good idea!


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