Correction re Guilherme Marchi

Okay, I just got the official word from Robson Palermo that “Mar-chee” is the right pronunciation of Guilherme’s last name. Apparently when he first came to the States, the announcers were calling him “Mar-kee.” In one of the first two episodes of Fearless, his mother was joking about it, but because there were no subtitles at the time, I got the opposite end of the stick!


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4 Responses to Correction re Guilherme Marchi

  1. Connie says:

    oh my goodness. I just found your blog by accident. I actually stopped going to PBR events (I use to go to 6-8 a year easy) because of the cheating by the judges and the prejudice against the Brazilians. I want the best rider to win. PBR pulled a ringer in with JW Harris and that bit them in the butt. Even with all the cheating the Brazilians have managed to ride well. I for one can never figure out how or why they consistently give Fabiano lower scores than others. I would like to take that clock and put it where the sun don’t shine. I think all the negative remarks about the time in the chutes is making the general public think badly about them. I did notice the Championship Ride that JB was long in the chute and NO CLOCK. Jess Lockwood never got put on the clock either. I won’t pay for a PBR event again as long as they continue to cheat. I contacted PBR about it and wrote a long letter but they poo pooed the entire thing. So they lost me. The event that did me in was the one where Guilherme was timed out and Sylvano was on his run of the most bulls ridden in a row and the bull hipped himself very OBVIOUSLY and they refused to give him a reside. What happened to the “cowboy motto?” It sure left PBR. I root for a lot of the guys and I don’t care their color or nationality. I just like them. But as long as I have been with PBR (almost from the beginning) they always had their favorites and sometimes would forget there are other riders there trying their guts off. Thanks for your blog. Made me happy to see others noticing what I have been complaining about.


  2. obediencegsp says:

    Love your blog, you notice a lot of things that we do (both positive and not positive). We are not totally crazy about the format of the Nashville event, it seems strange to be able to advance without riding the full 8 seconds or just riding 3 seconds, or whatever. Cooper Davis had some great rides but $75,000 is a lot of money and he really did win the event based on luck… Fabiano injuring his left arm (or shoulder). And his baby is adorable. Anyway, we loved that the break is over and PBR is back in full swing! Wow, the bulls were really great (they just get better and better) and so good to see all the guys again, enjoyed both Ty and Justin’s commentary (as well as Shorty’s). Ty is such an animal person, I love his observations about the bulls and their temperaments and just things like that.


    • Thanks for the compliment. You are so right, that riding for time format isn’t so great. Absolutely, Cooper won because Fabiano had to sit out. I think they should split the money with the bulls– they were outstanding.


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