“I tried riding at the beginning of the summer, but I got hurt, so I took the rest of the summer off. It’s good now, I’m recovered, because I rode last weekend and it felt good, it didn’t hurt; I’ve gotten on a couple of bulls, so I’m good.” [in Nashville: Ante Up, 85.50 and Sheep Creek, 87.50]

BRM: Does Adriano have a few more young riders to send up to the States?
(Joking) “Adriano doesn’t want anyone coming over here to ride!”

“I used to ride in PBR Brazil, then I came over here in 2012 and started riding in the Touring Pro Division, and then I rode in the World Cup on my own after being here for a little while. I don’t remember my first ride in the States. I was in a Touring Pro event in Mississippi, close to Texas; I covered all my bulls and made it to the final round, and ended up fourth in that event.”

“I always study the bulls. I like to study my draw before. I study how they’ve been performing now versus before, also to see if they’re healthy, and their temperament, besides which side they go to, and whether they have a high kick, and all that stuff. I prefer the ones who have a high kick, that they jump in the air, and that they go to your left, and also the ones who don’t come out of the chute strong immediately, because it doesn’t give you a chance to figure out what’s going on.”

“I don’t really remember a lot of the names of the bulls, but one of them I’d like to get on is Air Time.”

BRM: What are the best rides you remember?
“Last year I rode a bull for 92.50, the highest score I’ve gotten, and then a 92 in 2014.”
[Note: ProBullStats says he’s made 15 rides for 90 points or more.]

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