About Chicago, Saturday, Jan. 14—

A note about Ty Pozzobon: congratulations to the PBR for handling his death in a sensitive manner. The photos were carefully curated to highlight his ability and not the wrecks, and they let the riders speak for themselves. It was very touching to see J.W. Harris and other riders wearing patches with “Pozzy 23” on them– his rider number. And kudos to the Pozzobon family for making a difficult decision for the ultimate good of bull riders (all athletes, actually) and the sport. They must be exceptional people.

About Chicago, Saturday, Jan. 14—

Remember when I used to say that the PBR should hook up with rock music, because bullriders are the new rock stars? Every time I see Steve Tyler in his cowboy getup screaming, I slap myself. What they REALLY need to do is get hold of John Fogerty! The guy has actually been on a horse.


The judges didn’t put Silvano Alves on the clock! They did, however, give him his usual score: 84.50, for his ride on Dirty Vegas. Some things never change.


Guilherme Marchi is launching his own merchandising with tee shirts and hats. Good for him! If the PBR won’t do it, do it yourself! I’m buying.


  • Thank god Hummer shaved–he was not rocking that scuzzy look last weekend.
  • That’s not dirt on the ground. It’s crushed limestone trucked in. I seem to remember that stuff giving bulls a lot of trouble in the past.
  • Somebody PLEASE tell Craig Hummer that the word is “ee-vent,” not “uh-vent.” And the expression is, “a whole other,” not “a whole nother.” There is no such word as “nother.”
  • Why is it always “this Brazilian”?? I have yet to hear, “this American”!!
  • Who was the doofus wobbling Stetson Lawrence’s helmeted head around as he was sitting on his bull? Don’t joggle the brain anymore than it’s going to get joggled in the next 8 seconds! Have you learned nothing??
  • They could have spared us the revolting display of hype: clips of JB Mauney riding and Hummer getting all excited. JB’s not even here.
  • Eek! Somewhere in here, Hummer called Adriano Moraes “Adriano Morales.” Because all those foreign names sound alike, Charlie Humus.


  • According to Craig Hummer, Cooper Davis needs to “re-coop the fire.” Um, if you put a fire in a chicken coop, you’re gonna have a lot of barbecued poultry.
  • Another gem from he-who-knoweth-not-whereof-he-speaks: “Derek Kolbaba finds a way to dominate the potpourri of power!” I think maybe Craig doesn’t know that dried up rose petals, lavender, and cinnamon doesn’t really pack a hell of a wallop.
  • Wow, dude, what are you drinking?? Hummer called Jess Lockwood and Cooper Davis “Titans” of the sport! Jess is 19 and has been on the BFTS for about 5 minutes, and Cooper Davis is okay, but seriously…

BULLS OF THE NIGHT (IMO, for silly reasons)

  • Stormy Wing’s bull, Blue Magic, because he looks like chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Lieutenant Dan, who performed a series of sideways jumps followed by popping up into the air; Dan did just what he had to do to get rid of Cooper Davis, then immediately clocked out and stood there. Gotta love a bovine who knows when it’s Miller Time.


  • Once in a blue moon, the judges damp down the favoritism: Rubens Barbosa (one of the few cowboys who actually looks good in a beard) led from beginning to end, with his 88.75 on Little Joe (a re-match from last year in Phoenix). That bull really jerked on his arm and made Barbosa work for it, he did oblige Rubens by eventually turning into his hand.
  • Good show by Cody Heffernan on Cracker Jack, for 85.75 The getoff could have been disastrous, though, if Cody hadn’t known how to do a backwards somersault (away from the bull).
  • Reese Cates was in the event as an alternate, on Red Sails in the Sunset (a re-match from a Touring Pro event). Did not go well. Or as Hummer put it (though we wish he hadn’t), “Red Sails in the Sunset puts another red mark on Reese Cates’s weekend.”
  • Watching Gage Gay on Sledge Hammer, I’m chanting, “Head down, head down, head down!” Gay did not listen.
  • Paolo Lima Made it look easy on Legal Tender, a muley, for 83.50.
  • Stetson Lawrence scored 83.50 on Dirt Road, capped with a nice getoff on his feet.
  • Nice style, boy! Alex Cardozo conquered Ram It, for 87.
  • Marco Eguchi’s still got his elbow braced. Precious Air didn’t know what the hell he was doing. He’d pop into the air, then just almost walk in a circle. Re-ride flags rained. With a choice of 68.75 or a re-ride Eguchi settled for the crappy score. His arm must be hurting.
  • Keyshawn Whitehorse, may have overdone it on Upper Class. Justin McBride made a good point: the kid is too fired up about being on the BFTS; he needs to calm down, because he can ride bulls.
  • Mason Lowe’s ride on Dew Rag Dan resulted in a hard getoff on his sacroiliac, and 85.25 points.
  • Justin Paton handled Slick Rick, for 84. Nothing exciting going on there, but it’s nice to have more Ozzies on tour.
  • Brady Sims took on Bad Moon Rising, struggling at the end. He held on to the last, kept hold of the rope as he was heading down, and came up with 85.50. His strategy: “You gotta keep staring at their back and keep fighting for the middle.” Pretty much.
  • Spiderman on Set ‘Em Up Joe let go just a hair before 8–at 7.85. Afterward, he went down on one knee, something obviously wrong, and was helped out. No follow-up from the announcers, however. That would happen only if it were JB Mauney.
  • Tequila Sunrise rattledthe chute so much, the camera shook. Whitehorse was holding onto Cody Nance to keep him from getting bashed against the chute. Very nice of him! No ride here.
  • Derek Kolbaba took Stinger for an 84.25 ride, showing what he could do when he opened up and whacked away. He had been on a bad streak before – 24 buckoffs. I note that Kolbaba is carrying on the proud tradition of Austin Meier Hat Hair.
  • Mouse Trap kept sitting down in the chute. Maybe he was scared of who was on his back: J.W. Harris. He was so uncooperative that J.W. had to re-set, while Matt Triplett went out and scored 85.25 on Lip Trick. Naturally Hummer had one in the chamber: “Matt Triplett able to pay a little bit more than lip service.”
  • Back to Harris: Mouse Trap started to run away with him; Harris touched him, then went to the dirt. If he hadn’t, I’m pretty sure that would have been a re-ride situation.
  • Dener Barbosa (put on the clock—the rule is, you must do that to at least one Brazilian rider per round), tried it out on Buckeye Bill, and got slammed to the dirt on his back. Can you say, OOF!? He has a shoulder injury, which McBride thought may have accounted for the incorrect positioning of his free arm.
  • Nathan Schaper – “He’s the kind of guy that you want to marry your daughter,” Shorty opined, in the course of a digression that boiled down to, Nathan’s too nice to ride aggressively. On Full Throttle, Schaper bobbled all over the bull’s back, not helping the cause.
  • Shane Proctor rode Grave Digger for 83.50, but the bull was kinda boring.
  • Ryan Dirteater, who’s on a 11/13 hot streak, didn’t have a good visit from the Tooth Fairy. The sneaky bull changed direction just as Ryan was getting too comfortable, and Dirteater came down at 7.92 Someone challenged on his behalf, but it was no good.
  • I still don’t get why they call Eduardo Aparecido “Fast Eddie.” Anyway, Rocco bucked him off, then gave him a big ol’ love tap with his head on the way out.
  • Guilherme Marchi is now at 583 qualified rides, having made one in Round 1. All his prep on Spinning Money didn’t add to his total, though. Marchi thought the bull would spin to the right, and the bull went to the left.
  • I thought I heard someone say Kaique Pacheco made 52 qualified rides last year? The Joker, a new bull, was rocking his head up repeatedly in the chute. The stupid bull cost Pacheco a good score; he doesn’t know what he’s doing. In spite of the 79.75 score, Kaique declined a re-ride.
  • João Ricardo Vieira has to thank Northside, who started out turning away from Vieira’s hand, then turned into it, for 82.25.
  • Jess Lockwood, who is already in the PBR’s “next JB” pipeline, didn’t score on Swashbuckler, who scored a very respectable 44, second only to Red sails in the Sunset’s 44.25.

All in all, the cowboys did themselves proud: 15 rides.


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4 Responses to About Chicago, Saturday, Jan. 14—

  1. GS says:

    Where is the link to sign up for emails? So glad your back, we enjoy your hilarious, spot on posts.


  2. wanda lilley says:

    I thought the scoring was better than it has been lately (last 5 years) but Barbosa’s 88 should have been a 90. That’s because they say they have to leave room for other scores so the first riders can’t get the great scores. . Fast Eddy is because he is so fast in the chute that many times he is out before they get through re-showing the last ride. That doesn’t stop them from putting him on the clock though when they have their trigger finger on Get those Brazilians before they can win another one. PBR better be careful. Their god may get angry with the worship they are giving to Lackwood.


    • Wow, what hypocrisy on their part! (Why am I surprised?) They have no problem giving JB a monster score right off the bat so that other riders can’t pass him.
      They’re hyping Lockwood to be the next JB. I hope they don’t ruin the kid–he seems like such a sweet boy.


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