Christmas in July!

Gift list:

For Craig Hummer – a cork. May I quote The Who: “…You know where to put the cork.”
For the PRCA: a great big net so they can catch all the fish that are swimming away from them–toward the PBR.
For the CBR: more air time! (on TV, that is)
For Renato Nunes, because we haven’t forgotten him – a tee shirt that says, “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!”
For Guilherme Marchi – a Hollywood contract, with billing above the title
For Sage Steele Kimzey – more room on his trophy shelf
For Jesse Byrne – wings. Oh, wait a minute–he already has them. They’re on his feet!
For the PBR judges – sodium pentathol, in large doses
For the PBR Booth Boys (a.k.a. “commentators”) – The “How to Be a Good Sports Commentator” manual by Jeff Meddows, Butch Knowles, and Donnie Gay

For me – Tee shirts with photos of World Champions Adriano Moraes, Renato Nunes, Guilherme Marchi, and Silvano Alves (there will undoubtedly be more to come) that say on the back, “Made in the USA–fair and square.”

For other people – a J.B. Mauney Action Figure, with a label saying, “Manufactured by PBR judges.”

Merry Christmas, folks!

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15 Responses to Christmas in July!

  1. Kamelia Basir-Rodriguez says:

    Couldn’t be more accurate! Love the last gift: “manufactured by PBR judges”, my sentiments exactly. But you left out our favorite Kaique, he deserves a t- shirt saying “Welcome to the ‘shady’ jungle, where monkeys are your judges”


  2. Cj benton says:

    Well then judges’ are setting the WF championship up for Jess Lockwood. If he just stays for 8 he wins with bs 90’s. Too bad for the real competition. Oh that bull was to flat. Reride Derek, JRV’ Eduardo, etc.


  3. Kathryn Kubota says:

    Love, love, love. Thank you


  4. Kelly Adams says:

    What do you all think of the new weapon pbr has to make the guys (who make pbr rich) toe the line? I mean the new fines for the first two times they don’t get out of the chute when put on the clock and the third time “DQ’d for some time”.


    • Oh, you mean the “Let’s stick it to the Brazilians” ploy?
      Have they specified how many seconds a guy gets after he’s been put on the clock? They’re entitled to 30, as I recall. Is this another version of “the JB clock,” where he gets the full 30 seconds, and the rest of the guys have to get out whenever the judge who put them on the clock decides?
      Is this in writing somewhere? I haven’t been paying attention during the break. That would be the logical time for them to start inventing new rules–sneak them by while nobody’s looking. I’ll have to investigate!


      • Kelly Adams says:

        They actually announced it during one of the last broadcasts.


      • OY!
        Was it during a Velocity event? The BFTS isn’t back on TV until August.


      • Kelly Adams says:

        It was during a tv broadcast. I believe it was during the first day of the LCS. It wasn’t a big deal announcement. It was just in their jabbering between themselves. Hope I didn’t dream it. I immediately thought “we know who will suffer that”.


      • Kelly Adams says:

        There was a sign posted at one of the BFTS events earlier in the year and with an announcer saying “changes in the chute clock because of what’s been going on here”. The sign read Chute Clock Rule Change New Fines Implemented at the judges discretion
        Chute Clock Rules $500. for the 1st and 2nd violation
        $1000. for the Third
        $3000. for the Fourth With possible suspension at the discretion of Executive Comp. Committee.


  5. RodeoRebel says:

    For Cody Lambert: anger management classes.
    For Ty Murray: personality classes.


  6. Kelly Adams says:

    Like the idea of sodium pentathol–large doses!!! Like the fair and square idea on the tee shirts. But probably only pbr could produce them, so they won’t be done. Anyway, I told Ty face to face 5 years ago that the pbr won’t get another penny from me until the judging got more fair so I wouldn’t get one anyway. We only give to the Rider’s Relief.


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